The fastest way to get out of overwhelm

The fastest way out of overwhelm is to plan…

Which at the time might seem frustrating, as you will feel like you haven’t got time to do that, because you’ve got so much to get done.

If I’m ever overwhelmed, it is my absolute first go-to.

Overwhelming happens, when we are looking at too much, or trying to deal with too much at one time.

It’s like focusing on everything you’d need to get done in a year, but feeling the pressure as if it all needs to happen today.

Planning gives you clarity.
Planning allows you to get clear on the REAL priorities.

Planning allows you to be realistic about what you actually can and can’t get done and make clear decisions based on that and inform others around you if you are not going to meet timelines.

Planning allows you to be proactive, not reactive.

90% of the time when my clients say they are overwhelmed, they are running lists around and around in their head and generally expecting way too much of themselves, given their capacity and time.

This would make anyone feel crazy, overwhelmed, and completely stressed out and frazzled.

We are trying to keep all this information in our head and our mind will continue to recycle the list around and around, so we don’t forget anything, which completely inhibits our ability to actually be able to focus and get things done, in the present moment with a clear mind.

Multi-tasking is also a fallacy. We might think we are good at multi-tasking, I did for years, only to realise that things got missed, or forgotten or errors were made. Not to mention how much stress and overwhelm it creates in our system.

If you are currently overwhelmed, you are either looking at too much and believe you need to do it all instantly, (or yesterday) and or you are lacking the energy and internal resources or time, to get it done.

This means we need to “adult up” and make some real decisions, based on our current capacity time available, and priorities.

1. Strip everything back by doing a brain dump on paper first, to get everything out of your head that you think needs to happen, or things that are causing you stress or concern, or you believe you need to take action on.

2. Go through your list and work out your real priorities. (Things that are urgent and important and will have dire consequences if you don’t get it done.)

3. Go through your list again, what can you delete or delegate or ask for support with?

4. Plan out your day, with your non-negotiables and non-flexible time frames first. (For me this would be my client calls, appointments, etc.)

5. Then work out approximately how much time the other true priorities will actually take you. (If you are an eternal optimist with time like I am and you severely underestimate how long things will actually take you, double the time you estimate.)

6. Add these into your plan for the day, only adding the real priorities starting with your first one.

7. Go through the rest of the week planning out each of your days as above.

8. Add in some “fudge time” – Things normally can go sideways, or we lose time through unexpected things occasionally happening. Adding in extra fudge time will massively reduce your stress levels and or give you time for additional self-care, rest, or additional time with loved ones.

The most important thing to be aware of with overwhelm is it creates confusion and exhaustion very quickly. Getting clarity is the most important step and a big one for many women, is actually putting our hand up and asking for support when we need it.

Remember being busy and stressed is not a badge of honour.

Gone are the days when you need to prove that you are a wonder woman doing everything for everyone, each and every day. It’s just not sustainable.

And if you are finding yourself more exhausted and fatigued than normal, “pushing yourself” to get things done, will only make things worse and continue to burn you out long term.

If you’d love some additional support to get you out of overwhelm and exhaustion and get your health and energy back, you can do so by clicking below to get access to my 28-Day Mini Thrive program, to get you back thriving and feeling great again in no time.

Get access now!

Love and Blessings,

Sal x

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