The first 90 seconds counts the most!

The first 90 seconds counts the most!

How do you greet your loved ones?

Did you know the first 90 seconds of your interaction, if you haven’t seen your loved one for at least 2-3 hours, is the most important time and sets the tone and intention for the interaction?

How powerful!

How would you feel, if you walk in the door from work, and your loved ones are all on their devices?

No one really acknowledges your presence, or that you’ve arrived home?

Or they are so busy that they are running around, give you a quick peck on the cheek and dash off to do something.

I know for sure at times I’ve also done that to my loved ones and it does nothing to support them to feel loved, acknowledged, seen and valued.

The more conscious I’ve become of this, it really has supported my relationships so deeply.

Our kids, our loved ones, our intimate partner, needs our presence, much more than they will ever need our presents.

By taking the time to truly connect and be fully present, with your loved ones, especially in the first 90 seconds of seeing each other again, you will find it will radically change your relationships.

I’d love to hear what changes you notice!

Love and Blessings,
Sal x

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