The gift of slowing down

The gift of slowing down….

This morning I noticed my mind was racing a little, and I felt a huge sense of pressure to get things done.

I’ve created some big momentum in my life and have so many exciting things happening at the moment, but I’ve truly learnt through some pretty tough lessons, that with this heightened energy state, I can take things way too far.

I end up biting off way more than I can chew and end up so exhausted and stressed that I become super unresourceful. It really can feel like traveling 160kms per hour in the car, totally flooring it the whole time and then jamming on the brakes, and literally doing this on repeat.

I made a decision after going through massive burnout years ago, to not do this anymore.

I am so tuned into my body, that it gives me instant signs and signals, that I’m on that path. For me, it’s never about how much I’m actually doing, or what I’m doing, it’s about the energy driving that.

If it’s coming from I need to push, I need to work hard, I don’t want to disappoint others, I have to do more, I need to be productive, type energy, then anxiety and stress totally accompany everything I do and affect my results and my passion, joy, happiness, and vigor in life.

I find stopping in those moments when I feel the pressure rising and my energy dropping that taking the time to re-center and reground again is paramount to not only my health and wellbeing but also to my happiness and results.

It’s critical to become consciously aware of why we are doing what we are doing if we are to live truly happy and fulfilled lives, and of course accomplish, some amazing things along the way as well.

It’s not all about sitting by the side of the pool relaxing all day either. I know for me, I would be bored after about 2 hours of that. I love to feel that I’m making a difference, or contributing to the world in a positive way, but not at the cost and expense of my own wellbeing and happiness.

And it’s a balance, but not in a 50/50 way. At times, we totally have the capacity to give more and to totally be smashing it in unique ways in life, and other times, we need to pull back a little, we need to take some time out, we need to stop, and get clarity. Breathe, digest, and process where we are and where to next.

And I find my weeks and days fluctuate like this. There is a much greater ebb and flow in my life compared to years ago when I would be the 160km car, that burnt itself out, ran out of fuel, and had to hit the brakes before I would completely crash and lose total control.

I think one of the biggest things that derail so many women is that they make a black-and-white rule, that I must get it all done, and if not I have failed, or not done enough.

Learning how to stop, how to breathe, how to receive, and create greater emotional and mental space in our day, is paramount to our feminine energy and to our overall happiness.

Releasing the pressure from all that we believe that we need to do in a day and releasing the need to be juggling so many things all at once, so we can finally feel that we are enough, or perfect enough, in an attempt to prove our worth, even if it is only subconsciously.

Giving from an empty bucket never feels good and it only adds to feeling even more drained and depleted. When we’ve stopped refueling, and re-centered, we can give from our overflowing bucket and that feels amazing, it gives us even more energy!

This morning I knew I needed to Pause. Breathe and Re-centre.

At that moment, I also took time to recognize those pesky old subconscious thoughts that were driving the push energy, of needing to do more, needing to get it all done, more and faster, go, go, go.

After literally 10 mins of journaling, here I am more productive and in total flow again.

Feel amazing, feeling soooooo grateful to my heart and soul, feeling so filled up by my life and that I get to make this choice in every single moment, as to how I want to create my life, how I want to live my life and how I get to choose to experience it all.

I am soooo passionate about sharing these hacks and rituals, as to how I get myself refueled, how I set myself up every day, to not only feel great but to also live my soul purpose, to live a passionate and totally energetic and fun adventurous life, that fulfills me and totally lights me up.

I know so many women are so stressed, rushing out the door in the morning, trying to get the kids ready, grocery lists, running through their head, along with a to-do list that is a mile long.

We are ripping ourselves off ladies, this is not the way it’s meant to be.

We can do all that we are doing but from a very different energy.

An energy that we feel delighted with the world, an energy that we feel patient and calm with our kids, an energy that we feel confident and amazing about ourselves, an energy that creates incredible chemistry in our intimate relationship, an energy that will sustain you, that will fill you up, that will make you feel so whole, so complete and so satisfied, that cannot be found anywhere else outside of yourself.

If you are ready to make the transition,

If you are tired of feeling exhausted and stressed and that you are juggling waaaaay too much, then it’s time to discover what you need for you.

It’s not about adding more or doing more, this is about stripping back to what really is important, what fills you up, lights you up, and will truly make a permanent difference in your life.

When I’ve personally made those changes and implemented them, using them daily to increase my energy, I constantly vibe even higher and live a life I love.

If you are tired of dragging yourself out of bed each day.

I really invite you to ask yourself,
What do you need to let go of doing?

What have you been trying to juggle or that you’ve said yes to, that really doesn’t light you up?
What would be one of the fastest and easiest ways to fill your own bucket?

It’s time for you beautiful,

Love and blessings,
Sal x

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