The importance of rest and listening to your body…..

The importance of rest and listening to your body…..

Today I’m having a super quiet day, full or rest, self-care and doing what feels right for myself and my body.

I’ve had a huge few weeks, in prepping to travel to spend the next 3-4 months with my daughter with the upcoming birth of her first child and I arrived here yesterday.

My cycle is also due any day and I’ve had a lot going on workwise with loads of coaching calls and also with helping so many women get started in creating passive income, as well as getting the publication of my book sorted!!!

All fabulously exciting things and I’ve recognized that I was in a “sprint” with a lot to get done in a short window of time!

I’m a huge advocate of consciously choosing to create a lot of spaciousness in life and it’s also important to recognize that life balance, doesn’t really exist in the way we think it should.

Sometimes life calls more from us at varying times, which I believe is not only sometimes necessary, but it’s part of living.

And it’s so important to be aware of how these times of extreme busy-ness or having a lot happening are impacting our body, our health and our general wellbeing and that’s where I will always do my best to create spaciousness, or time out either side, if I can’t do it before hand, I will always plan for it afterwards.

Years ago, I would run retreats, and then go straight into a full on work week, with back to back calls. Not only was it unsustainable, it was not supporting my health and wellbeing.

These days if I were to run a retreat again, I would make sure I had planned quieter days both at the start and end of the retreat.
Choosing and prioritizing rest is so important to not only take care of our health, but to also support us to feel better emotionally and mentally.

We all know we are much more resilient or able to cope with different life experiences when we’ve had a good nights sleep or are well rested.

I invite you to take a pause today, to really check in with your body,
Notice how you are feeling?

Notice how much energy you have?
What is it that would support your wellbeing?
And what’s one small thing that you could do today that would take you a step closer to that.

Perhaps it’s a short walk, siting in the sunshine, doing a quick 5-10 min meditation, taking a mental health day, going to bed early, having extra water, or maybe even booking in some time off, or planning a holiday!

The list is endless! xx

Love and Blessings,
Sal x

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