The most important thing!

Do you want to know the one thing that has impacted my life the most? 

That made the difference between achieving my dreams and not,

The one thing that impacted my income the most,

The one thing that impacted my relationships the most, 

The one thing that impacted my day to day happiness and wellbeing the most? 


It was and still is, how I feel about myself on a day to day level. 

This is the most important factor that will be impacting your life the most, regardless of whether you are aware of it or not. 


It is your level of self-love. 

The level that you honour, love, accept and respect yourself. 

The level that you feel that you are innately deserving and worthy, just because you are you.

The level that you know deep inside that you are a unique and vital piece to the beautiful tapestry of humanity.

That you are here to be fully you. 


My inner voice, yep the inner critic, or my inner drill sergeant was the one that used to kick my butt the most, she still does occasionally, but now I know how to work with her, not rage against her and feel like a victim. 

I still have moments, I’m still very human. 

But knowing how to hear the deeper messages from within and to transform and fully embrace my inner critic has also been life saving and life affirming. 

She could cripple me and paralyse me with intense fears and insecurities within moments in the past, feeling that I wasn’t enough, hadn’t done enough, wasn’t successful enough, and felt like a failure. 

She still occasionally tells me that, and that’s ok, I know she’s just trying to protect me because she’s scared.

She’s been hard wired with lots of indoctrination about how my worth and value are tied to how much I do each day, or how loving I am, or how much I’ve helped others. 

So she gets scared when I rest when I take time out, or when I haven’t fulfilled her intense and completely unreasonable and impossible to-do list. 

The striving for enoughness is exhausting. 

To continually feel that we have to do more, be more, to finally be enough is tiresome and exhausting, especially when we are coming from feeling that we have to prove ourself, prove our worth, prove our deservingness to cover up from that deep gnawing feeling from within of not feeling enough. 

It’s a hamster wheel that you cannot get off, without a shift in your mindset, without dropping deep back into your heart centre and connecting with your truest and most authentic divine feminine self. 

The ego mind would have us running all day, everyday to prove our worthiness, because it is fear based. Therefore it is rooted in not-enoughness. 

This is why it’s so exhausting to live from our head, living from reactivity, justifying, defending, and guarding ourself. 

Dropping back into self-love, living from your heart will free you from everything. 

You will come back to free choice, inspired action, and true alignment. 

You will take action from a place of joy and wanting to and let go of your have to’s, need to’s, and should’s. 


Are you ready to come back home?

Are you ready to step into the pure joy, freedom, and flow that you are? 

Are you ready to feel the deep peace that comes from true self-acceptance and self-love and to let go of needing to prove and strive to demonstrate your worthiness? 


It’s all here waiting for you. 

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With Love and Blessings,

Always in All Ways, 


Sal x

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