The one thing that was in the way…..

I was lost and frustrated as….

Have you ever had those moments in life when you feel that your life is not working but you don’t know why?

That’s exactly how I felt.

It wasn’t for the lack of effort.

I was giving my all, everyday I was showing up trying to create my new kinesiology business and to be honest,

I felt like a failure.

I was a single Mum.

I was passionate and absolutely wanted to help people and make a difference in their lives.

And I needed to be able to feed my girls and have money to take care of us.

Everyday I felt so anxious and fearful about money.

I literally would save for 3 weeks to be able to buy them an icecream, because EVERY SINGLE dollar was budgeted for.

I felt that I couldn’t breathe.

I felt so paralysed in my own fear, that it felt like I was wearing concrete boots trying to walk up hill.

Taking action in my business felt terrifying and I felt sooooo much resistance.

Even when I tried to break free from it, it was if there was a giant rubber band around my waist that would just pull me back.

I was so scared of something going wrong with my car or house and not having anything left in my bank account.


At first I just thought I needed to work harder. I needed to do more.

I needed to put more flyers out or find other ways I could put my name out there. I felt so lost and alone.

But I was already working so hard and the results just didn’t seem equal to the effort I’d been putting in…..

Have you ever felt like that?

It’s so discouraging.

Some days I truly felt that I’d just have to give up on my dreams.


And then I realised that it was all because of ONE THING…..


My money and business situation was literally reflecting back to me my beliefs about money and myself.

When I was terrified of attracting people that thought I was weird doing Kinesiology, that’s exactly what I’d attract.

When I was terrified I wouldn’t have made enough money that week, that was what I experienced.

Over and over again, my life was showing me,

Was reflecting my beliefs back to me…..

As if it were a very crystal clear mirror….


All the limitations.

All the fears.

All the reasons why I couldn’t (because that was my deeper fear).

And very obviously, was the lack of money,

Because that was what I was most focused on and terrified about….


You cannot attract wealth from fear.

You cannot attract a thriving business from a belief that you can’t, or that you’ll fail.

You cannot attract an amazing life, from the belief that your life is not amazing.

And all the fear, all the worry, all the stress, creates incredible exhaustion and fatigue and eventually we burnout if we stay in this state long enough….


And that’s why it can be so challenging, because our current situations have us CONVINCED, that is just the way life is…

And so I went to work on myself and my mind,

I started shifting my beliefs.

I started to change my emotional state everyday by working towards more hopeful statements in the direction of what I wanted to create, such as;

I’m looking forward to having more money.

I’m looking forward to a Thriving business.

I’m looking forward to living an even more amazing life…..


And things started to shift and change.

Little by little and then by a lot…..

It wasn’t too long after, I’d built my business to being booked out 6 weeks in advance.

I’d gone from $300 a week to $2500 a week…..


But the best thing of all, was how I felt…..

I was finally present with my girls.

I could relax and laugh again.

I could enjoy life and feel incredible again.

And….. I was so damn proud of myself…..


These days, yep there’s still more beliefs to shift….

To continue to expand and grow and evolve,

It is a constant process…..


Knowing how to shift your money mindset, especially as a woman is one of the most empowering gifts you can ever give yourself.

It’s time to break free from your old habits and patterns with money,

If you want to create a very different future for yourself,

If you know that there’s still more levels that you’d love to expand to and experience.


Then PM me or Comment “Masterclass” below and I’ll give you access to one of the most wonderful money mindset trainings I’ve done recently! It’s truly mindblowing!!!

Not only does it show you how to identify, challenge and change your beliefs, but it will also give you a powerful strategy in HOW you can make 6 and 7 Figures online, with automation and leverage, showing up and being fully yourself.

It’s time to break free from the fear, the burnout and the stress…..

If you want to know how? PM or email me at with the message “Masterclass”.


Love and Blessings,

Sal x

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