The pathway to Fulfillment.


The times in my life that I’ve felt the most joy, the most happiness, and the most fulfillment are the times when I was growing and progressing the most.

We are just like nature, when we grow, we are thriving,

When we aren’t growing or progressing, internally we may feel as if we are dying, or at the very least, just treading water or only just surviving.

The challenge with growth is that it creates uncertainty…..

It’s all unknown, that’s why it’s outside our comfort zone.

Our ego/survival mind craves certainty, craves safety, craves being comfortable, and desperate to know that everything is going to be ok.

So how do we overcome our mind wanting to shut it all down, to pull back to stay comfortable and to stay safe?

It’s to associate CERTAINTY with GROWTH….

Means; the more I grow, the more I learn, the more I step outside my comfort zone, and the more CERTAINTY I have that I can create my dreams.

It’s one of the biggest inner conflicts we have as humans, buy into the ego survival minds FEAR and stay stuck, paralyzed, and repeating the same patterns, or step into our heart’s courage and choose to evolve and grow and doing that from LOVE.

How do we find more courage?

Your WHY….

It’s everything and generally, it has to be bigger than just ourselves.

My girls were my WHY years ago when I was terrified to push the

button on publishing my Business Facebook page,

My girls were my WHY when I woke up at 2 am to travel to Melbourne 36 times over 2.5 years each month to train in my chosen methodology – kinesiology.

My girls were my WHY when I was terrified to reach out to people to do practice sessions with them to complete my training.

My girls were my WHY when I hit obstacles and challenges that I needed to learn and grow beyond….

Your WHY is everything and it must be BIGGER than your FEAR.

How would you like to GROW in 2023?

What would that help you CREATE or ACHIEVE?

WHY is that super important to you?

What or who else does that help or IMPACT?

How does that FEEL for you?

Answering these powerful questions for yourself will give you so much CLARITY, and so much FOCUS…..

It’s the path back to passion, joy, excitement, fulfillment, and waking up feeling inspired as,

It’s the path back to finding your truest nature – love,

It’s the path back to knowing that you have a purpose and a reason for being here,

It’s the path back to knowing you make a difference in the world and you have something so vital and unique to contribute, that only YOU can deliver.



Trusting in you, believing in you, knowing you, is the path back to the most fulfillment and happiness, and continually progressing towards that,

Not from a place of feeling that you are not enough already. (you are inherently worthy)

But from a place of Growth,

Of Expansion,

Of Joy,

Of Progression

Of Love,

Of Possibility,

Of being all that you truly can be.

If you would love to GROW EXPONENTIALLY in 2023, then surrounding yourself in the right environment is key.

Being surrounded by others that are succeeding, are living their dreams, are waking up feeling inspired and excited, are doing the messy deep inner work, are pushing up against their edges and current beliefs and limitations, and going beyond them is so CRITICALLY important.

ESPECIALLY when you are in, or going through BURNOUT…

I found it was so hard when I was burnt out to feel like I was progressing.

I felt like I was going backward….

But I focused on small steps moving forward.

I continually listened to uplifting podcasts, and audiobooks and focused on what I could do.

And in actual fact, I was learning a NEW WAY of moving forward.

Burnout can feel like it’s never going to end, or that you’re super stuck….

And this is why reaching out for support is critically important.

If you know that you’d love to transform HOW you feel,

To get the tools and strategies to not only help you heal your body as soon as possible but to also end the burnout cycle for good,

Then click below to book your free 30 min Breakthrough burnout session with me today!

Book your call now! 

Let’s get your health, your well-being, your energy, and happiness back in 2023!!!

With Love and Blessings,

Sal x


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