The power of compounding and consistency….

There is an incredible power that occurs with both the compound effect and consistency in any life area.

I’ve seen this play out for myself in so many life areas over the years and I still remember having such a massive “Aha” moment after reading both The Compound Effect – by Darren Hardy and The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson….

I used to experience the yo-yo effect so often, I’d want to change something, either my body weight and or health, or my finances, or my relationships, and I’d put considerable focused effort in, I’d tick all the boxes and follow through, until I’d hit my goal, or come pretty close to it, then for some reason, I’d think I’d made it, and would lose focus and no longer continue doing the things I’d done, that had created the new results!

I wouldn’t show up in the same way, or do the same things, I’d go back to what I was doing before I made the shift and of course, over time, things would slide backward again…

It was so frustrating…

Have you ever lost 50 kgs? The same 5kgs, again and again, and again! Haha…. Me too!

And it was after I read the two books that I mentioned above, that I had a momentous shift, towards implementing daily consistent habits that would take me to where I ultimately wanted to be in each life area.

We can be so hooked on instant gratification, that the idea of making tiny, seemingly small inconsequential changes, can seem to be as slow as watching grass grow! It just doesn’t seem convincing enough to our psyche that things are actually changing.

Yet they are!

And what I’ve witnessed in myself and others that have applied this principle, is an exponential bell curve effect.

It seems like not much is happening, not much is happening, not much is happening, then 2-5 years later you look back, and go WOW!!!

Sooooo much has changed!
So much has massively and radically improved!

Yet on a day-to-day level, the tiny, small, seemingly inconsequential things, that are just as easy to do as not to do, actually make a huge difference!

That 1% change today, compounds into a 365% change in a year and can take you on an entirely different trajectory, over a couple of years

The second piece to consistency is truly embodying these behaviours and habits as part of your identity.

One of the largest influences on our behaviours is the need to remain congruent with our identity.

It is why a smoker, that quits smoking, will eventually pick up the cigarettes again if they have not adopted the new identity of a non-smoker.

It is why someone that loses a lot of weight, will put weight back on again if they have not adopted and accepted their new identity as a healthy person.

I am so grateful for the identity I have of both Coach and Kinesiologist, as both of those identities have truly served me, in making sure I do my best to walk my talk and to teach from a place of embodied integrity.

Being a Kinesiologist taught me so much about daily and consistent habits in clearing my energy and raising my vibration so that I could be the clearest conduit possible for my clients and for receiving divine messages and downloads.

Being a coach taught me so much about daily alignment with my goals and taking radical responsibility for my life, and having daily rituals that support me in my well-being, energy and showing up as the best version of myself.

These rituals and habits have become such a strong foundation for myself, that ground me, focus me, gives me clarity, and supports me both physically and energetically each day.

What’s one area, that you know with consistent daily habits, will radically improve your situation?

What is the new identity that would also support you, to fully embody these behaviours as just something easy and natural that you do daily?

Compounding and consistency are the bombs!

I’d love to hear what you’ve done consistently and what results have happened from this.

With Love and Blessings,
Sal x

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