These 3 things alone, have the power to completely change your world.

What we believe with unwavering faith, is exactly what we will create and attract into our world and our experiences.

Persistence is the key to staying the course, having your flag planted, no matter what you believe is blocking you or holding you back from what you want. It’s the tenacity to KNOW with total faith and trust, that you WILL find a way.

Faith helps us to know that there is another way. Faith helps us to understand that things can be different and can improve.

Faith helps us to step back and gain greater perspective, of how we’ve created this in the past, and how we can now create a fresh, new, bright future right now.

Faith and trust is the glue, that helps to maintain strong energy for our supportive, positive beliefs, when our ego/ survival mind is kicking in, when we are being totally human and experiencing our full range of emotions, from doubt to despair, to feeling worried and frustrated.

Faith and trust helps to reinforce the new beliefs that we are bringing into fruition, before we have physical proof.

Faith and trust is the feathered nest, that brings in a feeling of warmth, peace and contentment, that regardless of how everything seems, right now, that things are happening for us behind the scenes.

Faith and trust helps us to stay positive, in the eleventh hour.

It helps us to stay locked into our vision and dreams, during the lag time, before our goal or dream has materialised into physical form.

Faith and trust helps to dull the white noise of the ego mind and assists in creating the quiet space to open our self up more and more to the inner guidance around what needs to happen next.

It helps us to tune into the next aligned action, that we now need

to take and will perfectly guide us to reap rewards beyond our wildest imagination.

Faith and trust is like the shock absorbers in our car, that when things get a little bumpy with our emotions, it will help smooth it out.

Faith and trust helps us to persevere, even when it’s hardest, even when we don’t feel aligned with our new belief, vision or goal. Faith helps us to keep reaching upwards, to step forwards and keep going.

Perseverance with aligned action, is what will eventually build the most rock solid, self-belief that you can possibly imagine.

Perseverance, to hold such laser focus on where you are going, and to keep trying different things no matter what is happening, will help you grow.

Perseverance, builds tenacity, Builds inner strength, Builds courage, Builds determination.

Perseverance helps us grow into who we need to become in order to create our next new reality.

Perseverance, picks us up, when all we want to do is stay down, It will take you through and beyond the biggest obstacles and challenges, It will help you recognise and become committed to weeding out, unresourceful beliefs.

It will help you build the deep conviction and belief, that you’ve got this. That you can. That you will.

What can you do today, to build your perseverance?

What’s one small action, that you feel called to do?

To further develop your faith?

And to shift your beliefs into empowering, supportive and positive beliefs….

Love and Blessings,

Sal x


If you’ve been feeling exhausted and tired, sometimes we’ve lost faith that things can be different, or that our life can actually change…..

We can end up feeling stuck, blocked and powerless to change our life.

We can feel like what’s wrong with me? I just need to be more motivated, I just need to get organised and get back on track…..

But chances are if you are in burnout, you won’t…… And PUSHING yourself MORE, is absolutely the WORST thing that you can possibly do to yourself, if you are feeling this way….

It will honestly just compound and exacerbate the burnout further,

exhausting you more and more.

Healing burnout, requires deep understanding of what’s really going on, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually…..

AND we can feel so overwhelmed with trying to just get through the day to day things, let alone, making bigger life changes, that we know would support us.

Understanding what’s going on at the deeper level, is absolutely key to healing this.

If you would like to truly understand, what’s going on at the deeper level for you personally, then click the link below for a free 15 min chat to get clear on what you REALLY need to heal, in order to overcome chronic burnout and fatigue. I’ve only got a few spots

left, so don’t miss out.

Book your call now!

Sal xx

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