The power of love.

Imagine if just for today, you did everything from the energy of love,

Bringing love into everything you do,

Doing it lovingly, gently, consciously.

Slowing down, no longer rushing,

Taking a pause to pour love into whatever you are doing.

The cuppa you make,

The way you listen to your partner,

The way you hug and kiss your kids goodbye on the way to school,

The way you notice the sun shining,

Or the rain tumbling down,

The way you brush your hair,

Or apply your makeup,

The way you type on the computer,

Or attend to the customer or client in front of you,

The way you make the meal,

The way you take a sip of water….

What if just for today, you brought more love, tenderness, and appreciation into everything you do and for everything you do?

How would you hold your loved ones, just a little differently,

How would you feel about yourself?

What shifts in your energy, as you ponder this now?

Love is one of the most powerful and highest vibrations, it has the capacity to heal, connect, transcend, and bless, and best of all it’s free, and the more you give it away, the more you instantaneously feel more of it inside.

With Love and Blessings,

Sal x


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