The quality of your questions determines the quality of your life.

What inspires you?
What excites you?
What might excite you?
What could excite you?

What lights your heart up full of passion?
What brings you joy?
What gets your blood pumping with excitement and joy for your life?

What would bring you the greatest satisfaction, to create, be, achieve, or do in this amazing precious life of yours?
If you truly could do anything, what would that be?
If you had no fear, what would you do today?

If you had all the time, money, and energy in the world what would you be doing?
If you were already living your dream life, what would be happening, where would you be living, and what would you be choosing to do each day?

The quality of the questions we ask ourselves determines the quality of our lives…..

Years ago, before I understood any of this, my focus was on trying to prove that I was enough and figuring out how to get through each day, and what I needed to do each day.

I didn’t have a very big vision for my life.
I had no idea what I wanted the next 5-10 years to be like.

I was just focused on surviving and getting through each day.

And so my life felt like that, that I was just surviving, that I was just getting by.

It wasn’t until I started asking myself quality questions, that my vision for myself and my life began to grow and expand and I started to see ways that I could, in some cases, immediately begin to implement some of those things.

This gave me an immediate feeling of excitement and hope for my life!

Getting clear on your vision of what you most want to experience in life and what’s most important to you is one of the most important steps.

Without it, it’s hard to make any decisions, you may feel that you are just treading water, just getting by.

It’s like trying to drive somewhere without a map and with no destination and whilst I’m absolutely up for fun, spontaneous adventures, living life like this every day, can leave us feeling aimless and despondent, with no motivation, clarity, or purpose to each day.

I’m definitely up for taking intuitive turns and twists along the way.

But not ever engaging our creative hearts and souls and truly listening to those inner whispers can lead us in a very different direction to what our greatest lives and visions could be for ourselves.

We all have big hopes and dreams for our life.
We are all here for a purpose and a reason.
We are all incredibly powerful divine creators.

What is it in your heart, that you would love to be, do, or have?
What were your biggest childhood dreams, that maybe have become a faint whisper?
What’s one small step you could take towards that today?

Love and Blessings,

Sal x

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