The universe mustn’t want me to have it

The universe mustn’t want me to have it!

Oh my goodness I hear this far too much!


This is so not true and in fact, could not be further from the truth Gorgeous!!!

The universe wants for you, whatever you want for you!

However, it can only ever give you, what you are a vibrational match for.

How do you know when you are a vibrational match for what you want?

You will FEEL as if you’ve ALREADY GOT IT!

Now this does most people’s head in, because if they felt like they already had what they wanted, then they probably wouldn’t be as worried about wanting what it is that they desired.

This is why Emotional Mastery is THE KEY TO EVERYTHING IN LIFE.

When you can release outside circumstances and needing anything to change, BEFORE you allow yourself to feel better, then you’ve got the whole game won, just right there.

We are vibrational beings, huge big walking magnets – just check out Bruce Lipton’s amazing video on this, ( this is now proven scientifically, it’s not just some fancy dangled woo woo magical fairy wish!

In my experience and in the experience of hundreds of my clients, when you change the way you feel on the inside, then your life will also change on the outside.

It’s one of the most powerful things we can do, not only for our own authentic and genuine happiness, but also for our health and physical energy, our emotional and mental wellbeing, financial security and for our relationships with self and others.

I have so many people say to me, well I’m asking for it, I know what I want, but the universe is just not bringing it to me, it mustn’t want me to have it. They feel so frustrated and let down!

However, my gift when I work with people, is literally feeling their vibrational state, and I can instantly tell you if you are about to manifest that into your life or not, by how your energy feels when you talk about that thing.

If your voice and energy drops, you are no where near, where you need to be, if you are feeling frustrated, impatient or annoyed, you are no where near attracting what you want, if you feel powerless, or like it’s never going to happen for you, you are so far off Gorgeous. If you feel like the universe is just not delivering it to you, guess what – it can’t deliver it to you! For you are not a vibrational/emotional match for having it.

If you feel excited, then you are soooo close, if you absolute know and believe with all your heart and you have prepared to receive that thing into your life, then you are absolutely about to receive.

It’s the hardest thing to get our head around and therefore, to change our emotional state.

To develop the feeling of having that thing, before the thing can come and so many people are frustrated about this particular paradigm!

Yet it will set you free again and again to experience TRUE AUTHENTIC HAPPINESS in every moment, because when you are no longer dependent on your life circumstances changing so that you can feel good, then you are FREE!

And at the end of the day I truly believe that is what every single human being wishes to experience.

Freedom from stress, freedom from money worries, freedom from feeling not enough, freedom from worrying about what others think, freedom from fear, freedom from feeling that we should be doing more, freedom from guilt, freedom from anger and resentment, freedom from blame, freedom from feeling stuck the way we are feeling because of how our life is.

I promise, promise, promise you, your life cannot change until you are willing to change.

Everything in your life, as it currently sits is because of WHO YOU ARE BEING, not what you are doing.

I have so many business owners that speak to me feeling frustrated because they are working so, so, so hard to get ahead, to make things happen, to feel more financially secure and yet even though they are working so hard, their mindset is stuck in lack, scarcity and fear.

Fear that they won’t have enough money, fear that they have to work even harder, fear that they have to give even more of their time up to their business, fear that t’s not going to work, fear that they are failing, fear that they will let their family down.

All of this fear, only attracts greater and greater fearful circumstances. It attracts the employee’s getting sick or not turning up, it attracts the commercial rent raise, it attracts the clients dropping off, it creates no one purchasing their product or service.


You get to choose it to be anyway that you want it to be hun,

But you have to BECOME THAT FIRST.

You have to train your body and mind to encompass the emotions of abundance, of joy, of gratitude, of feeling so blessed, of feeling so free, so excited, so enthusiastic about what you are doing and about your life.

By training your body and mind to embody these aspects, you will set yourself free in the process, and you become the most powerful magnet to attract the most incredible life and circumstances for yourself, to build the most incredible and profitable business, to be a wonderful role model for your family, to have magnificent loving relationships, to embrace the fullness of who you really are.

You get to choose in every moment.

In any moment you can hit the reset button,

In any moment you can choose to step up and change your emotions,

In any moment you get to embrace and embody love or fear.

It’s all your choice.

What are you going to choose for you today?

With Love and Blessings,

All Ways in Always,

Sal xox


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