The world needs you!

If you’ve ever felt that you had a gift inside,

If you’ve ever had a beautiful idea arise, that lit your heart up and excited the heck out of you,

If you’ve ever felt that you know your heart was calling you to do more,

To make a difference,

To help others,

To impact the world in some way.


But you keep suppressing it,

You keep pushing it down,

You keep thinking “I’m not ready yet,”

You keep thinking “I don’t know that I could actually really make a difference or add value”

You keep thinking “I should study more and be more qualified”

You keep thinking “I don’t know where to start”

You keep thinking “There’s already so many other people doing what I want to do”


Months and years can go by and we end up stuck in situations, jobs, careers that we desperately wishing we were doing something else…. Like following our heart and soul’s calling.

When we do this, it creates resistance,

It causes burnout and exhaustion,

Because all of these fears are weighing you down.

Anchoring you into your current reality, instead of breaking free….


All of these fears and heaviness is your EGO fears talking….

I get it, mine are loud too.


I’ll never forget how terrified I was when I first hit “publish” on my Business Facebook Page.

Or the first time I posted a video….

Or the first time I did a Live…..

All of those things terrified me so much.


I felt stuck.

I wasn’t moving forward and I felt so frustrated,

Because, I knew I absolutely wanted to make a huge difference and help so many others who seemed to be suffering.

I knew in my heart, this was my life’s purpose.

I’d felt the calling for as long as I could remember, even as a young child I wanted to be a Nurse to help people feel better.

But I was stuck,


Doing the Dance.

One foot in, one foot out.

Committed one day, doubting the next….


Because I was letting my FEAR be bigger than my WHY.


I realised, whilst ever I focused on myself and my own fears, and how I could fail, or how other people might judge me or think that I’m stupid, I became paralysed.




That’s when I knew I had to truly embrace focusing on who I was here to help.

How many times do we hold ourself back from our fear?

Robbing the world and the people who truly need us to shine our light as brightly as possible,

Terrified of what others would think.

Not sharing our gifts of light, because of our fear of the shadow….


I knew in my heart that I had to continue to deeply anchor in my WHY.

The IMPACT that I get to make,

The WOMEN that get to live freely, because of the tools that they receive and how that supports them to go on and help other women.


I’m eternally grateful for my beautiful soul sisters, that have embraced their courage, that were willing to continue shining brightly, that are so incredibly inspiring for me, that have shared their gifts so freely with the world and made a difference in so many lives, including my own as a result.

We forget how powerful we are.

Yet when we see other women succeeding, it reminds us of our own power and you’ll either be inspired or triggered by that.

I’ve absolutely experienced both.

And when I’ve been triggered, I sat with that because it was a part of myself that I could see in them, that I was rejecting and not embracing for myself. This causes triggers and jealousy.

You could not see someone else’s positive or negative, unless it is contained in you also.

By sitting with this, I got to see that, feel that and acknowledge that for myself. I got to work through all of my fears about what that could mean for me and that allowed me to embrace myself.

All of myself.

This brings me back to more wholeness.

And when we are more whole,

We are able to help more people.

Not only that, you will experience a deep inner peace.

A deep calm,

And a deep knowing that you are exactly where you are meant to be.


This is what creates pure alignment in your heart, mind and body.

This is what heals burnout and exhaustion.

This is what supports your body to reclaim health and vitality,

This is what makes your spirit soar and for you to feel truly free.


The world needs you.

The world needs your gifts.

The world needs you to break free from old paradigms.

To live into your freedom

And to share yourself FULLY with the world!!


I’m so excited! I have something so amazing coming, something that if you’ve been feeling the inner calling, you will absolutely want to be part of this!

It’s going to drop in a couple of weeks, so make sure you stay tuned!


Love and Blessings,

Sal x

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