This blew my mind!

This blew my mind!

Oh my gosh, does anybody else wake up with a to-do list as long as their arm?

And even if you get momentum and you start crossing things off, you just keep adding more?

Where are all my over-achievers???

Yep, I have a pattern of doing this, and I’m getting better at it.

I am so much better at prioritising and knowing what my top 3 things are and not beating myself up for not getting the WHOLE list done.

However, what is it, that really keeps us stuck in these patterns?

Feeling that we have to be superwoman, that we have to get it all done, I believe actually comes from acute anxiety and fear of loss of control, security and safety.

Absolutely there can be days where you are just in so much flow, and you are nailing everything and you feel amazing and like a total Queen! (generally around ovulation time in our cycle).

However what I’m talking about is slightly different, it’s my drill sergeant that kicks in and she normally does this when she’s feeling out of control and fearful in life.

She creates endless lists, the constant pushing, striving, got to get it all done, can’t stop, can’t rest feeling from within….

And in my experience, that is driven by the thought that “I should be doing more and I should be more successful.”

We each have our own version/story of this, it’s the underlying feeling that we are not enough and it comes from our wounded ego-mind, that wants safety and certainty, it wants approval and it wants to control.

If you aren’t sure what yours is, answer this….

I’m not enough because…..

Sometimes these things hit hard in the heart and can make us feel super emotional and even trigger shame. It hurts when that happens.

But the thing that keeps the pain and suffering going long term, is actually continuing to believe this thought as your truth.

Questioning our thoughts sets us free from our programming and inner child wounding.

Questioning our thoughts, and letting go of disempowering beliefs, allows us to drop straight back into our hearts and to feel immediate relief, immediate calmness, and immediate clarity.

Even though I’ve been doing and teaching this stuff for years, it still absolutely blows me away, the difference that I feel when I let go of a belief that is causing me stress.

This morning when I cleared my belief of, “I’m not enough because I should be doing more and I should be more successful”,

I literally went from feeling extreme anxiety, overwhelm, pressure, feeling that I couldn’t breathe, fear, terror, panic, feeling like a failure, not enough, not knowing how I could possibly do more, stuck, paralysed, numb, frozen, and blocked and wanting to hide…..

There isn’t anything good that’s going to come from staying with that belief. Complete disempowerment and feeling so frozen and paralysed, unable to take action and out of alignment with myself, my heart and my soul.

When I released the belief, I dropped immediately back into my heart.

I felt calm.

I had a huge smile on my face.

I felt complete relief.

I could think properly again.

I felt an inflow.

I tapped back into my inner power.

I felt my confidence and love rise up.

I felt empowered to take aligned action.

I felt joy flow through my whole body.

We are constantly talking to ourself all day, whether we are consciously aware of it or not.

We are all human.

We all have challenging thoughts.

Knowing how to let these go, to live into greater freedom, joy, and happiness, and live from your heart and soul, is THE most POWERFUL skill you can ever gift yourself with.

It’s literally the difference of living a life, completely controlled by your fearful thoughts, constant fear, anxiety, depression, overthinking, over analysing, creating extraordinary stress in the body, and exhausting and depleting our systems compared to:

  1. Living into your personal freedom.
  2. Being authentically you.
  3. Listening to and hearing your Heart and Soul’s Guidance.
  4. Feeling completely calm, joyful, and happy.
  5. Maintaining amazing energy.
  6. Living a life that you love.
  7. Feeling that everyday is a blessing and a miracle.

This is what’s possible and it’s never a one-time certificate!

Meaning…. it’s a continuous work in progress.

Thoughts and beliefs that used to keep me stuck in a funk for months and even years,

Can be shifted in a few minutes to an hour….

Even the biggest ones you hold about money, yourself, relationships or life.

This is the power available to YOU.

This is YOUR Freedom.

And I’m so passionate about truly helping women understand the power and ability to release our painful thoughts, that I am running a FREE 1-hour workshop next Wednesday the 30th at 1 pm AEDT!

This will be held in my Free FB Group Thrive, Overcoming burnout and Fatigue for Women. Click the button below to join today and all the details will be found in the Group!

Click here to join

I’m so excited to share this with you and for you to have access to this POWERFUL and LIFE-CHANGING SKILL that you can also share and teach to your teenage kids, especially if they feel they aren’t enough or have certain judgments about themselves.

This is so life-changing, make sure you put it on your calendar today. Can’t wait to see you there, and share this LIFE-CHANGING tool with you!

When we change our thoughts, we change our life…..

Oceans of Love,

Sal x


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