This could be why things aren’t changing

You can’t create what you want until you’ve become the person that has what you desire….

Our identity and the way we personally see ourselves are massively powerful.

(For a great read on this subject, check out Maxwell Maltz’s book – Psycho-Cybernetics.)

He shares how even people that have had plastic surgery to increase their own external beauty, still saw themselves as ugly or not pretty enough…..

Our self-talk and what we believe to be true about ourselves is one of the most commanding factors when it comes to creating change in our own lives, but even more importantly our self-talk massively impacts our experience of emotional satisfaction….

Our lack, fear, and scarcity mindsets, can have us feeling that we aren’t enough, or that we haven’t got enough and it tends to permeate through everything.

This is why we can end up having challenges with money as well because we cannot attract/create abundance from a lack/fear/feeling not enough mindset.

Becoming the person who has already achieved what it is that you want to create is so incredibly important. I’ve had clients share with me, that they find it so hard to do because they don’t know how they would feel because they haven’t experienced it yet!!!

This is where using our imagination and daydreaming, imagining that the experience has already happened is so incredibly important because otherwise you will find it so hard to “feel” as if it’s already done.

This is the embodiment of becoming who you choose to be and bringing your dreams into reality.

You will find you will feel naturally inspired to take aligned action when doing this too!

It’s such an important factor in creating anything we want to in life and it’s the missing link for so many people that feel frustrated with the law of attraction.

Way before I’d created my first 6 Figures in business, I was already imagining that I was living it. I was already “being” that person.

I up-leveled my integrity, how I was treating myself and taking care of myself, how I walked and held my posture, my self-talk, how I dressed, how I communicated in my relationships, and how I conducted myself each day.

I had a “Guiding statement” of what that version of me valued, who she was, and how she was and I loved it so much. It inspired me daily, it locked me into my vision, it propelled me forward and it reminded me of who I was choosing to consciously become.

And before I knew it, I’d created that and experienced that in my life. It became my reality.

I’ve done the same to attract my dream relationship with my amazing partner, I’ve done the same even to uplevel my cars, imagining that I was already driving the new car and I’ve done the same every time I’ve moved house.

I literally imagine myself already being in it, living in it, experiencing it.

And I’ve literally done the same with becoming a Nanni.

I was so clear on who I wanted to become and how I wanted to show up. What was most important to me and I’ve always seen myself as a super fit, healthy, active Nanni that can do the splits and ride a unicycle! (haha, I’m still mastering that one! More visualizing to be done!)

Anything that you wish to experience in life, becomes the version of you, that has already created it. This way we know we have shifted our energy to be able to “hold” this in our reality.

If you haven’t yet done the inner/energetic work around this, even though you may create initially create the results, you may find a yoyo result happening.

Where things revert or go back to the way they were. I’ve definitely had this happen too, where I’ve needed to do more inner work, to create full alignment with myself.

Who we are being and how we “see ourselves” is one of the most important factors in creating our dream life and a life we love long-term.

Have fun playing with your new identity, it is so fun and so inspiring to do this.

We’ve been taught “what” to think in schooling systems, instead of “how” to think, using your creativity and your child-like imagination is a massively important aspect to be able to access for this and it will bring you soooooo much JOY!

Love and Blessings,

Sal x

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