This is so exciting!

Holy Wow!! What a week!

So much excitement and incredible momentum happening; with my daughters baby shower, handing in my book manuscript and I’ve been inundated with people reaching out to me, to learn more about how I matched my 6 Figure Coaching Business income with completely passive income in just 9 months.

And I’m so excited to be helping so many get started on their journey also!

I truly believe there’s so much freedom to be found in passive income.

No selling,
No social media needed,
No daily posting,
No needing to continue purchasing products to keep your rank

Only takes approximately 1 hour to set up, then ticks away 24/7 working for you, while you sleep, eat, play and enjoy your life.

(There is an opportunity to share this, to receive EXTRA rewards and commissions, but you absolutely don’t have to, it only expediates the process. This is entirely passive income.)

It releases you from so many should’s and have to’s and truly allows you to invest your time, in what is most important to you.

And for me that’s family and loved ones, taking care of my health and sharing my soul gifts!

I know how struggling financially as a single Mumma impacted my ability to be present with my girls. It felt that I was always working, or trying to find ways to get ahead, being on my phone, or just constantly feeling stressed and under pressure.

Not to mention the cost of all of that mentally, emotionally and physically.

I’m so grateful that as I enter the phase of becoming a Nanni for the first time, that my nervous system feels so relaxed, especially around finances.

If you’d love to find out more about what I’m doing, to give you back your time and to create greater financial freedom, especially with all the latest interest rate rises, please reach out by sending me an email at

Love and Blessings,
Sal x

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