Today I surrendered it all…

Today I surrendered deeply,
I let it all go,
I let the “how” I think everything should be, wash away,
And it brought me immediately into the gift of the present moment.
It brought me immediately into a deep feeling of spaciousness and rest.

Surrendering is not giving up,
Surrendering is letting go of the resistance, of fighting against what is.
It brings in a depth of relaxation,
Of peace,
Of calm.
I love Byron Katie’s quote,
“When we fight against what is, we will only lose 100% of the time.”
It’s so true…..

Sometimes when there’s a lot going on, our mind can want to control it all.
It tries to control the outcomes, people, or situations and have it be a particular way,
So that our ego/survival mind can feel safer and more certain.
But it rarely achieves that outcome, if anything it produces further agitation to the mind.

It’s exhausting.
And in truth, we all know we can’t control anything, except how we choose to respond to situations.

Surrendering is one of the kindest gifts we can give ourselves,
When we don’t know what else to do,
It allows Grace to fill our hearts,
And for Peace to fill our minds.

Deep surrender and grace, removes all resistance to divine timing,
When our mind tries to control things, we block the support and alignment with the universe and the law of attraction.

When we surrender, we allow divine timing and the “how” to be taken care of for us.
It does take deep faith and trust.
But it’s oh so worth it.

With Love and Blessings,
Sal x

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