Transitions and Life phases

If you find yourself in a major life transition, sometimes it can feel quite unnerving.

It’s something I’ve been moving through myself.
From Mother to Grandmother.

Whilst there has been exponential joy and heart explosions of so much uncontainable love,
I’ve also experienced a whole swirling of lots of different emotions.

If you are navigating a big transition in your life, you may feel a little lost, you may lose your current routine, or just feel out of whack, but not really know why.

I noticed myself doing things that I wouldn’t normally do, such as buying extra things online and craving sweet things.

I always get curious about these sorts of behaviours, because it’s often a clue, there’s something going on at a deeper level emotionally.

Especially the craving sweet things.
Have you ever noticed the same for yourself?

Our ego survival mind can also fear change and transitions, because it’s unfamiliar.
And our mind, LOVES CERTAINTY!

So when we are navigating new situations,
New life experiences,

Perhaps you’ve changed jobs,
Or your financial situation has changed,
Perhaps you’ve just become a Mum for the first time,
Or even a Nanni for the first time?
Perhaps a significant relationship has changed in someway,
Or you are facing a health condition either yourself or with a loved one?
Or you may have lost a loved one recently.

All of these things, can bring us undone, from our normal foundations.
Because often with these changes, we are actually navigating an identity shift as well.

And if we don’t choose our new identity consciously, we can end up being massively influenced by our unconscious programming of what we’ve seen, heard, learnt from others and the world around us.

But not only that, you may feel lost at sea, as if everything is swirling and you don’t feel grounded.

The shift from Mother to Grandmother for me, brought with it unconscious ideas about aging, about losing youthfulness, or health, or energy. I’ve had to challenge those ideas consciously.

It’s also brought about a feeling of grief, of letting go of what was, to also fully embrace this incredibly wonderful new stage.

And it’s brought a wonderful release of exploring and experimenting with this next version of who I’m becoming and further dreams and aspirations for myself.

Anytime I navigate a big transition phase in my life, I do my best to be gentle on myself, to not expect as much from myself as I normally would,

To give myself time and space to feel all the feels and process what I’m experiencing,

To take exceptional care of my physical body, as I know that will be a strong foundational base for myself and to keep clarifying and defining what feels right for myself as I navigate this new path.

Getting clear about where I’m going, what I’m creating and what I choose to focus on, feels like a strong rudder for my ship. I’ve set my compass and now I know the actions I need to take that will support me to move forward in the direction I’ve chosen.

If you are experiencing a big transition in your life, I hope these words support you, in moving through and navigating this new phase and helping you get clear for yourself, in how this experience serves you at a deeper soul level, in your growth and what you are choosing to create for yourself moving forward.

With Love and Blessings,

Sal x


If you are navigating a huge change in your life and you are feeling really stuck, blocked and not sure what to do to get back on track again, then this is my speciality.

Getting you connected to yourself again, your values, your dreams, your desires and what you want to create moving forward is so important.

Not only that, knowing how to navigate the big emotions that often come up, or the loss of certainty that can happen from big changes, are so important.

Feeling grounded, centred, clear in yourself and feeling confident to move forward and take aligned action in your life again is so powerful.

So many women that have experienced burnout, also found it to be a huge time of transition. Moving from the old identity of needing to be there for everyone else whilst neglecting themselves and their own needs, into a new identity of self-love and really honouring and valuing themselves.

It can be a scary feeling changing our mode of operating and who we are, after so many years, yet life, often will call us to grow and change in these ways, and often a health crisis, is a deep call to back to your most authentic self, when we have ignored our own needs for years.

If you would love to find out how you can work with me 1:1, email me at for more info, on how you can apply. I’ve only got a couple of places available. xxx

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