True healing comes from your ability to be with your pain

True healing comes from your ability to be with your pain,

Not to get rid of your pain….. 

What is it here to teach me, what does it want to show me?


The number one reason any addictions exist is the need to escape or avoid pain in some way. 

As young children, we were generally not taught this. It was “wrong” to feel such big emotions and intense feelings.


Most people weren’t given the skills to be completely present to their own pain. Most parents aren’t comfortable with being present to their own pain, let alone being truly present to their child’s pain.

(Your child will trigger your own pain, and therefore you will want to shut it down or avoid it in them by making them happy, or sending them to their room if you have not yet learnt to be full with your own pain.)

It is the ability to be with our painful beliefs, feelings, and thoughts as a compassionate observer. 


To stop the running, you must be willing to sit with your feelings. 

To feel them fully and completely. 


Otherwise, they will unconsciously be continuing to run you. 

All the things you do, the withdrawal, the overwork, the avoiding, the “fixing” yourself, the smoking, the drinking, the overspending, overeating, the people-pleasing, the anger, all of those things are an unconscious way of avoiding pain. 

When you sit with your feelings fully and completely, you will notice they dissipate very quickly. 

When you sit with your feelings, you will no longer feel abandoned, rejected, or unloved.

When you sit with your feelings, you will embrace your wholeness and the totality of who you really are once more.


After doing this with myself again this morning, 

Peace and serenity flood my body and soul.

My heart expands. 

Love overflows.

There are no requirements for me to change or be different in any way.

There is wholeness.






With Love and Blessings,

Always in All Ways,


Sal xox



It’s time to stop. 

It’s time to breathe.

It’s time to come back to you. 

Come back to your heart centre.

Stop living from your head. It is ruining your life with the stress, the fear, the anxiety and not feeling enough. 

It pulls you apart inside, it creates incredible unhappiness in relationships, it cuts you off from the abundance that you deserve and is your birthright. It causes disease and energy loss in your body.

It’s time to stop living in survival and to come back to thriving. 

Want to know how? 

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