True power is fueled by love.

True power is fuelled by love, fuelled by abundance, fuelled by expansion, and growth.

True power is not power over another, it is an inner power, of feeling so fully connected to you, the real you, that you literally feel more energy coursing through your body.

You feel so inspired to fulfill your largest dreams and visions, you feel so led to follow your heart’s guidance, and you feel so amazed at the joy, beauty, and abundance in your life, that in this very moment, you are able to live into and feel so much more gratitude for your life and what you have in it.

This is what sets our body to repair itself, so fast, so naturally.

This is the key to attracting more money and living in a state of flow.

This is the key to healthy, mutually beneficial, and empowered relationships.

This is the key to feeling that you are enough, as you are, right now.

You have the capacity to embrace your inner power now Gorgeous,
You have the ability to choose love or fear.
You have the ability to change and reframe your life and live as you choose to.
You have the ability to step into your fullest power and be so fully connected to your largest self.
You have the ability to be so much more, than what your ego/survival mind is currently letting you be.

Life is exhilarating when we embrace the unknown.
When we trust fully, in showing up for ourself,
In following our heart,
In knowing when things are breaking down or dropping away, that it’s also making way for the new.

It’s freedom,
It’s joy,
It’s your truest expression of your real self.
It’s authentically being you.

A place of Freedom,
A place of Love.
Letting go of holding yourself back,
Letting go of buying into the old fear,

Stepping forward with courage in your heart,
Stepping forward with conviction in your soul.
You are here for a reason and a purpose,

It’s time to fully embrace that,
It’s time,
For You.

Love and Blessings,
Sal xox

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