Turning crap into Gold!

Last Thursday evening my van had a breakdown and needed to be towed….

Now I could go into the metaphysical representation of this on my body but I’ll leave that for another post!

However, it’s resulted in a rather significantly large repair bill.

Years ago, I would have flipped my mind completely at this, it would have felt financially devastating and not that I like attracting these experiences into my life, but boy oh boy, do they show me how much I’ve grown in my money mindset.

Yes, there were tears, and a very human reaction when my van broke down, and a simple ok, what do I need to do to fix it and get it sorted?

I got it to the mechanic and the second quote from the same mechanic, doubled in a day, as there had been a misquote from the system…..

And someone who knows me, but doesn’t know me very well or know what I’ve been through in the past, said to another person about my current situation, “Well she can afford it”.

Obviously, it was said as a bit of a negative comment towards me, however, I sat with this for a bit, and suddenly a huge big grin come across my face.

Yes, I can….

I really can afford it.

And along with the immense gratitude that washed over me and the irony that someone’s negative statement had become such a source of realization and joy for me, I felt truly blessed.

Blessed that I’ve done so much work on my money mindset over the years.

Blessed that I’ve truly turned my life around in so many ways

Blessed that I have not only financial well-being but also the freedom of time to be with my loved ones and the ability to work from anywhere I desire!

Blessed that I was once a single Mumma only earning $300 a week and that I actually got off my arse and did something about it and didn’t expect anyone or anything to rescue me or pay my way.

Blessed that I’ve been so damn determined over the years to work on myself and show up and take aligned action to create my own dream life.

Blessed that I’ve been able to create what I have.

So thank you to that person!

You’ve made me realize how capable and how determined I actually am, and how super proud of myself I am for turning my own life around, in a truly difficult situation, for creating a better life for myself and my girls, and for getting to be a role model I’m proud of for my own girls.

And also how this is available for anyone that cares enough to change their situation, do the inner work and take the aligned action!

Life is always, always working out for us!

Love and Blessings,

Sal x

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