Want long term results?

Fall in love with the process…..

This morning as I was working out, I remembered the words of one of my mentors,

Fall in love with the process, chop wood, carry water…..

Have you ever lost 5-10kgs, only to find it again in 3-6 months?

Have you ever just got your money to where you feel really comfortable, only to find your finances a mess again in 12 months?

One of the biggest reasons people end up yo-yo-ing with their weight, their relationships, with their money is that when they know things need to change, they may become very focused in that area and do specific things to get a specific result….

Then when they finally get that result, they stop doing the things that took them there.

There is two reasons for this:

  1. The changes they implemented are not sustainable in the long-term, eg a 500-per-day calorie diet.
  2. They haven’t integrated the daily processes as part of their identity, eg. I am a healthy and fit person that does XYZ each day to stay fit and healthy.

Our daily habits create our long-term reality.

We are a product of our daily choices.

The things that you did to get your specific result, were the things you actually need to sustain to continue receiving that result, otherwise, things go back to the way they were before…..

This is true in every area of life.

Think about when you first fell in love with your partner, what things did you do? How did you show them that you care about them and love them? Do you still do those same things that you did when you first met?

The reason why people have long-term success in any area of life is that they’ve learned to fall in love with the processes that helped them to create the results in the first place and they create these as rituals in their daily life.

However, when we constantly fight ourself, in the processes that will take us to the end result, we end up with split energy. This is like having the brake and accelerator on at the same time. It creates exhaustion and resistance in the body.

This is why falling in love with the daily processes that ultimately will take you to where you want to go long-term, will always serve you.

It feels amazing to wake up and feel in flow with my life.

To feel that what I’m doing each day, is aligned with my heart’s desires and the truth of who I am.

And to know on the days that I’m not feeling it, that I can do the things I need to, to support myself back to this place again.

To be so clear in my daily processes and to love them as a part of who I get to be.

Because in the end, it’s actually not about the “end destination”, whilst that can be a fleeting moment of joy and happiness, it’s so much more about the PERSON YOU GET TO BECOME along the way.

And let’s face it, we keep moving the goalposts anyhow. Because life is forever unfolding!

Most people want to get to a place in their lives, of having no problems….

So they can finally relax, so that life can finally feel easy.

Yet problems are a sign of life!

What many don’t realise is, that “problems” never go away.

You just want to get better quality problems.

If you’ve got no money, you have a problem that you need to solve.

If you have money, you still have a problem that needs solving, to work out what you are going to do with that money and how you can best utilise it as a resource. It’s another learning phase of investing.

Life will always ask us to grow. It always presents new opportunities to help us expand and become more.

And this is why falling in love with the daily processes and being so solid in your new up-leveled identity that will ultimately create your success, is the smartest and most valuable thing you can gift yourself.

Otherwise, we end up yo-yoing….

And that is frustrating. And leads to long-term burnout, exhaustion, and feeling like it’s never going to happen for you.

We end up feeling powerless in our ability to change our lives and our circumstances.

This impacts our emotional state and can cause huge amounts of self-doubt, lack of follow-through, not showing up for ourself, and not living the life we ultimately know in our hearts that we could be living.

It creates greater and greater resistance, and we start to have thoughts like I’m not enough, I’ll never get there, I’m a failure, it doesn’t matter what I do it never works for me, these turn into long-term held beliefs, and with these types of beliefs, we never take action, or if we do, it’s always half-hearted, dabbling or half-assed dipping your toe in…..

It will never create the results you desire most.

It lacks integrity, belief, and deep trust and commitment.

In order to change anything long-term, our beliefs and identity must be aligned with our goals.

We have to be clear in what our daily actions need to be and consistent in these actions along with trust, faith, and belief in the outcome.

And this is absolutely true when it comes to healing our bodies.

Most people can change things for 30 days, but sticking with long-term changes will take you through 4 learning phases.

  1. Denial/Bliss/Unaware – Unconsciously incompetent, we don’t even know that we don’t know.
  2. Pain/Awake to the situation – Consciously incompetent, we now realise we have a big problem but don’t know what to do to fix it or change it.
  3. Effort – Consciously competent, we now take daily actions to overcome our past beliefs and behaviours, this is when you are literally creating new neural connections in the brain that will eventually become automatic behaviours, when you consistently do them.
  4. Flow – Unconsciously competent, you do things without having to logically think through every single step, you are in flow, you show up and do the thing easily and automatically because you’ve integrated it into who you are.

A lot of people, especially with New Year’s Resolutions, get to the 3rd phase of effort and it feels too hard. They end up giving up because they are literally coming up against their old programming and conditioned beliefs, and long-term previous behaviours……

This is why accountability is so important.

This is why working with a mentor is so supportive.

This is why having someone that can clearly see your blind spots and what’s keeping you stuck, allows you to progress forward and not go back through the yo-yo cycle.

If you feel that you’ve tried everything, but nothing is working for you to heal your body and overcome exhaustion, it’s time to really set yourself free Gorgeous.

You deserve to have the energy, vitality, joy, happiness, and freedom that come with having incredible health.

You deserve to be able to run around with your kids and your grandkids, to play with them without being in pain.

You deserve to laugh, feel whole, love who you are, and love your body.

You deserve to be supported, held, loved, and validated for your experiences and have the guidance to help you overcome your blind spots.

You deserve to support your body with the exact nutrition that it needs in order to heal.

You deserve to have the tools and the skills to know exactly how to change your beliefs and thoughts that create continual pain and suffering and drain your energy every day.

You deserve to be in a community of like-minded souls, that celebrate you, cheer you on like crazy, and know exactly what it’s like to experience what you are going through.

It’s time to fall in love with the daily processes to heal your body and know exactly what those things are.

It’s time to set yourself free,

To heal your body,

To fall in love with you again,

To regain the confidence to live your best life

And to embrace the Magnificence that are you.

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With Love and Blessings,
Sal x

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