Want to wake up excited each day?

Every day that goes by, I’m becoming more and more excited.

I’m stepping forward with more and more clarity,
More and more confidence,
More and more conviction, in my journey ahead.

And everyday, I’m checking in,
Am I on track to where I’m wanting to go?

Am I showing up in a way that makes me feel proud of who I am?

Am I in Alignment with my goals and dreams?

Am I taking action on the things that take me closer to creating what I most desire?

And this is so important to me, more than ever before.

Because I was so scared of going through burnout, that I would never get my “old self back”.

I had lost so much confidence in my ability to show up,
In my ability to be high vibe and to feel good,
In my ability to be who I’ve been for so many years; dynamic, committed, showing up, aligned, excited, loving my life and learning, experimenting, and sharing what I’ve learnt with my community.

The brain fog,
The loss of clarity,
The exhaustion,
The not being able to feel in flow,
The overwhelm of the simple daily tasks, was honestly so anxiety provoking…..

It honestly breaks my heart that soooo many women go through this,
And worst, is they actually think it’s their mental health, depression, or anxiety, or just put it down to menopause, without realising there are so many other things going on underneath because these things are not addressed or even discussed through most mainstream medical fields.

It leaves women feeling crazy, or that they just need to pull themselves together….

Many don’t even know what they are experiencing until they read my posts, they just know that they don’t feel right.

And that’s why I’m so committed to my vision moving forward, to help more women than ever before heal from burnout, to reclaim their energy, their joy and zest for life.

To find their own freedom,
To find their voice again,
To be able to say yes and no with what feels right for them and not drown in their own guilt.

To be able to break free from financial stress,
To create and design a life that they love for themselves,
To step forward into living their most authentic and awe-inspiring life.

To have the energy and excitement to be all that they want to be.

To unleash their creativity and share their greatest gifts with the world.

To have supportive and mutually beneficial relationships.

To know that their needs are equal to others’ needs and no longer put themselves last.

To know that their health, their energy, and their joy, is the most important factor in being the role model they truly desire to be.

I’m so committed to helping women understand and heal from burnout, because I know the pain of it and how scary it feels.

I know together we can transform the beliefs that continue this cycle from generation to generation because otherwise, we pass all of this onto our children.

The anxiety, the fear, the worries that we should be doing more for everyone, that we can’t rest, that everything will fall apart if we stop….

Burnout is real.

Burnout evokes anxiety and depressive type feelings.

Burnout makes it so difficult to feel positive.

Burnout cripples confidence and self-belief.

And this is why it is so important to reach out for help if you are burnt out and or to share this post with someone you love that you think could be experiencing burnout.

Most people don’t understand what it is.

The negativity that the mind creates and experiences is overwhelming. Small things, seem insurmountable because you have almost zero energy to deal with them. This exacerbates our inner critic, feeling like a failure and continuing to blame yourself.

Healing your physical body, your emotional body, your mental body and your spiritual body are the keys to moving forward.

Having an expert guide you through this, knowing every challenge that will come up and can lovingly navigate you through this is essential to healing your body, mind and spirit.

Knowing exactly when to challenge you, validate and support you to get the right mix to move you forward.

You will not heal burnout by “pushing” yourself to just get through it.

You will not heal burnout through denial of your feelings and suppressing past traumas, all of that actually was a major cause of your burnout….

It’s time to set yourself free beautiful.

It’s time to love who you are again and feel damn proud of yourself.

It’s time to heal your body, and get your energy and your life back.

It’s time to wake up feeling excited about life again,
To step forward with more and more clarity,
More and more confidence,
More and more conviction and self-belief, in your journey ahead.

I promise it’s not only possible, it can happen in as little as 3-4 weeks. If you’d like to see if and how I may be able to help you, book your call with me today.

I promise you will not regret it, at the very least you will understand so much more about yourself, where you are currently at and what’s getting in the way of your healing, and the ONE thing that makes the biggest difference.

Book your Call!

Oceans of love,
Sal x

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