We cannot create health from a state of DIS – EASE

We cannot create health from a state of DIS – EASE.

This one statement is so truly powerful that if we actually understood this, so many more people would be super invested in mastering their own emotional state.

I know sometimes it feels tricky, I know sometimes it feels as if we couldn’t possibly be happy because this, this and this has happened.

We become so emotionally conditioned by patterns of past experiences that we continue to bring those same feelings and emotions into our current events and circumstances again and again.

We view life through the old perception and limiting beliefs of “I’m not enough, I’m alone, nobody likes me, I’m invisible, nobody cares about me.”

These are all created through a feeling of separation from divine love. Believing that we needed to be different, or that we were faulty in some way from experiences that were subconsciously imprinted as a child.

My predominant most damaging pattern was guilt and shame.

Guilt for being me, guilt for being happy, guilt for not doing what I thought other people wanted me to do, guilt for having it too good, shame for not being enough, shame for feeling that I should be doing more, shame for feeling that I’d let others down, shame for existing.

It didn’t matter what the “experience/circumstance or event was” this pattern would play out.

And it didn’t matter WHO I was with, this pattern would play out.

I allowed it to diminish my self worth and then would become so hooked into needing others approval, because I wasn’t loving or valuing myself.

I’ve come so far in shifting this old pattern, from so many different areas of my life such as with money, in friendships, in intimate relationship, with my girls, in business and I still notice it playing out occasionally.

These patterns of emotional pain, create incoherent energy signals in the body.

And we know this intuitively, because we actually can FEEL it.

These emotional patterns start to switch on the stress mechanisms that flood our body with adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones of stress switch on the genes that create inflammation and literally transmute into DIS-EASE within the body.

Our breath shortens, we contract – both our energy through wanting to hide/avoid and withdraw from people as well as contract our muscles, creating tension all throughout the body especially across the shoulders and particularly through the abdomen.

Our digestive system can no longer function normally as it’s inhibited by the stress response, that’s getting ready to run, hide, fight or freeze, it’s not looking to leisurely digest the food you ate and start to repair the body.

When we continually live in a state of separation, stress, rushing, struggling, pushing the body is so caught up in living by the emotions of survival that it has no energy left for healing itself.

It continues more and more in a state of disrepair.

Even with all of the work that I’ve done in the past, I was still living by many hormones of stress each day. This created pain in my left knee from cartilage off the bone as well as over 113 food sensitivities tested through an IGg blood test.

So much of my energy over the years had gone into my solar plexus and sacral chakra’s from living in that state of survival, that it was blocked and not flowing fully through to my heart.

These are conditioned responses from the past 41 years of my life and living majority of it, feeling like a victim of my circumstances and not understanding how I was creating my reality again and again by the emotions I was choosing to live by.

It takes great energy, time, commitment, discipline and focus to keep overcoming these conditioned responses and it all comes from the tiny decisions we make everyday.

I know that years ago with the anger and grief I was holding in my system, that I was 100% on a trajectory to creating cancer in my body. Thank goodness, with the self-love and gratitude work I was doing and have done for years, I’ve not created this.

Patterns of disease cannot exist for long within a truly coherent energy field.

I also know without a shadow of a doubt, that by creating more and more feelings of self-love, gratitude, excitement and joy that my body will continue to elevate and heal fast.

One week of being in a highly coherent state and my knee is already 90% healed. I can squat lower with more balance, power and strength in my left knee, with no pain, than I have in over 2 years.

We can all eat the most heathiest, most organic vibrant food on the planet and yes that will help our body, but whilst we are still feeling powerless, or waking up feeling like a victim even on a small degree of the way we are living our life, the incoherent field will still continue to create a state of dis-ease again and again in the body.

Changing the way we think, and changing the way that we feel everyday, is the pathway to wholeness and wellness.

Not only will you love yourself and accept yourself so deeply, you will also be able to remain much more open-hearted with others, you will be creating your new reality everyday, by attracting situations and circumstances to you, that align with your new energy of feeling so blessed and so grateful, your body no longer responds from the a state of stress and dis-ease and literally starts rebuilding itself from a new mind.

You have so much more power than you can imagine.

Our choice everyday is to empower ourself, by no longer falling victim to our conditioned responses of the events in our life.

By choosing to create feelings of love, gratitude and feeling so blessed everyday, that you continue to create a future and life that you love.

You have the power Gorgeous,

You have the possibility within you,

You already are enough,

You are already Worthy,

There is nothing that you need to do,

Except to feel, know and believe this.

We must be willing to surrender our old stories from the past,

We must be willing to let go our side benefits of holding onto those old stories,

We must be willing to no longer be feeding our mind with these old events again and again.

We must be willing to focus on new thoughts, new creations,

What we do want to experience,

What we do want to create and

How that will feel when we have done that.

Your future self is waiting for you.

Your future self is loving you,

So fully,

So completely,

So divinely.

What are you saying to yourself everyday?

(Considering we are more than 70% water, I’d say it’s worth upgrading the conversation, wouldn’t you?)

With love and blessings,

Always in All Ways,

Sal xox


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