We can’t know what something is, until we know what it is not

We can’t know what something is, until we know what it is not.

It’s just the same as hot and cold, if we only ever experienced one temperature all of the time, how would we know what it is?

Just the same as if we only experienced bliss or love, all of the time, how would we know what it is?

We all need contrast and points of relativity, in order to know what something is, by experiencing what it is not.

All of life serves us. Life is so powerful on so many levels, always bringing us what we need in order to grow, in order to develop strength, courage, tenacity, but this doesn’t always appear as what we “want” at the time.

It’s part of being human. We crave certainty, we crave security, we crave love, connection and we tend to feel quite opposed to anything that is not this as it can feel like a threat to our very survival, which creates the judgement that this is good, or this is bad.

And it’s the judgement that creates the suffering.

This shouldn’t be happening to me, this is unfair, this is bad, this is horrible….

And it’s our ability to be able to shift focus fast, that creates resilience, tenacity and inner strength and results in the greatest changes that we are looking for and the solutions to our challenges, but the problem is, we almost become addicted to focusing on the problem.

Especially if it feels like a big one. And I know that feeling, especially with deep grief, huge financial challenges, or when we feel like our life is actually being threatened.

This is where the ego/survival mind creates a painful looping system, focusing on the problem, thinking about the problem, trying to solve the problem. Our thoughts are creative and definitely impact the way we feel, but the biggest things here is that we are constantly magnetising ourself to circumstances, situations and people, through our thoughts and feelings

Therefore, if we are focused on the problem, worrying about the problem, not knowing how to solve the problem, we are totally magnetising ourself, to more of the same!

And it’s exhausting.

And it can be quite addictive to the ego mind, it’s like a dog with a bone that it just can’t put down.

It is desperate for certainty, but the mind grips on like a vice to a problem, hoping that by worrying about it enough, that it will eventually fix it and to be honest, it just never will.

We must have the ability to ask ourself powerful questions, to change our focus.

We must master the ability to change our emotional state, for things to start shifting radically in our lives.

The contrast serves us, because it helps us to know what we want to experience more of and less of, but unless you train yourself, to think about what you want, and not about what you don’t want you will continue to get the same thing again and again and be living in frustration.

This is where emotional mastery totally ups the anti!

Simply because generally the only reason we want things to change is so that we feel better!

We believe that one day, when I have the car, the friends, the job, the house, the partner, the kids, or when I just get through this, THEN I can be happy.

And it’s a horrible deception, that so many of us are living in.

I lived in it for years and I can still dip into it at times, when I’m not being conscious of my thoughts.

Having the ability to master your emotions, develop greater emotional intelligence, ask yourself powerful questions and reframe situations it is honestly one of the greatest gifts you can ever give yourself.

It helps us to clarify, what it is that we actually do want to experience more of, as well as shifting your emotional state, to be able to get back into flow again.

The contrast will always serve us as it creates that polarity of what we want and what we do want, it helps us to experience the different flavours, so we can continue creating our life if we are choosing to, from a truly conscious place in knowing exactly how we’d like to create it.

It’s time for you gorgeous, to take back your own inner power,

To recognise the contrast that you’ve been living,

With what your heart truly desires.

Pure alignment of our ego/survival mind to what our heart and soul already knows as truth is the pathway forward to mastery and to creating a life that we truly love.

I’m so grateful for all of the ups and downs, as it’s not only given me amazing gifts of discernment, inner strength and resilience, but also knowing so much more clearly, how I want to be living my life.

I could not have attracted my current amazing soul mate relationship without living the painful past of spending many years of my life, with someone that our values were so misaligned.

I could not have attracted and created my laptop lifestyle, without crying in the corner of my bathroom every morning before I went to a job, that I no longer wanted to be in,

I could not have created the vibrancy and health in my body, without the contrast of experiencing extreme fatigue, mind fog and exhaustion,

I could not have attracted the level of income I have today, without the contrast of feeling terrified as a new single mum only earning $300 per week, wondering how I was going to support my two girls.

All of life serves us,

Know that if you are experiencing a super tough time at the moment,

That you are clarifying so deeply what it is that you do want moving forward,

The only trick is to stop focusing on what you don’t want and to remember to keep looking forward honey!

With Love and Blessings,

Always in All Ways,

Sal xox


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