We have all suffered, what we choose to do with it, can become our greatest triumph.

We have all suffered – what you choose to do with it is the ultimate final triumph – Tasha Clarke.

This is such a profound statement.

We can take our own suffering and end up blaming it for all that’s gone wrong in our life, or we can take our own suffering and be the alchemist that truly uses it as a transformational fire, to not only create a better life for ourselves but even more powerfully to help others to overcome similar challenges.

As human beings, we will all experience suffering at some point, whether we choose to continue to experience it as suffering or not, it all comes back to our mindset and what we choose to make it mean, both about ourselves and about life.

We unconsciously create meanings about the events in our life, all the time.

Someone doesn’t smile at us,

We can make it mean, they are awful human beings, they are unfriendly, they don’t care about others, and they are unhappy…. The list is endless,

Or it could be, they surely didn’t see us, or they are having a bad day and perhaps need one of our smiles!

The point is, we assume a lot when we are unconsciously creating meanings about events and through using Byron Katie’s work of questioning my own thoughts and beliefs for the past 15 years, I’ve worked out, just how disempowering some of these meanings have been and how much suffering these thoughts and beliefs have created.
Until I learned how to challenge them.

My mind is pretty creative in what it assumes about others and myself!!! And not necessarily in a helpful way.

And I’ve noticed through working with thousands of people over the last 15 years, that as humans, we all tend to do the same or at least a very similar thing!

What we choose to make things mean, is our greatest freedom and can be the cause of our biggest sufferings, or empowerment.

We either become the victim, or the victor, with our thoughts and beliefs.

When we consciously choose our own meaning, we become powerful creators and alchemists of our own life.

Using ANY and EVERY experience to propel ourselves forward, using our experiences as GOLD, for our own learning, and soul growth, and as a powerful way of clarifying not only who we are, by how we CHOOSE to respond to an event, but also how we can use it for the benefit of our own growth, and the helping and healing of others.

I know for sure, there’s no way I could have become half the woman I am today, without some of my most difficult life experiences, which became the catalyst for totally transforming my own life and learning how to truly love, value and accept myself and then help others do the same for themselves.

Knowing how to transform our own suffering and choosing consciously to use it as a force for good to support and empower others is one of the greatest gifts we can give humanity.
Not only does it allow us to have compassion and empathy for others suffering, but it means that we also know there’s another way, we can shine the light of consciousness in how they can also transform their own pain.

Together, we are all just walking each other home,
Back to wholeness,
Back to love,
Back to healing,
And back to the truth of who we are,


And embracing our greatest freedom as the divine creators that we are.

What is an experience that you’ve struggled with?
What gifts have those experiences given you?

Perhaps it’s strength, tenacity, resilience,
Perhaps, it’s empathy, compassion, and a desire to make a difference in the world.

The more we can discover what that experience has given us, the more gratitude we can have for the experience.
Remember life is always giving us what we need, (not necessarily what we want) in order to become who we fully are…

Love and Blessings,

Sal x


If you are struggling with some big life experiences that you would love to truly have become your greatest strengths, then reach out and send me an email at admin@sallyholden.com.au asap.

This is a huge part of what I do to support others in stepping into their power, owning themselves fully, and being able to have the tools and strategies to use their most difficult life experiences as a way of serving the world and making a difference. I’ve only got 2 spaces left for 1:1 VIP Coaching. xx

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