We innately know a baby is so worthy of love.

Your self-worth and value do NOT come from how successful or productive you are….

Nor does it come from how you look or what you’ve achieved, or not achieved in life.

Yet we’ve been indoctrinated and programmed by society to believe that our self-worth and value are intricately tied to our productivity and how much we do and how much we help others.

It’s a huge reason why so many women find it so difficult to stop and rest.

Because when they rest, guilt creeps in, and unconsciously their self-worth drops.

This creates a massive inner conflict.

The need for rest, but feeling bad for doing so…..

If you’ve ever seen or held a newborn baby, we innately know that this precious little bundle is so deserving of love. We don’t hold back, we pour so much love and cuddles on this little being.

And a newborn baby usually just eats, sleeps, and poops!
It’s not productive at all!
It is literally just “being”.

So just a little gentle reminder for today, if you notice yourself thinking you “should” have got more done, or you are beating yourself up for not feeling motivated enough, or not doing enough, please come back to this,

You are inherently worthy of love.

There is nothing you need to do, in order to prove your worthiness or lovability.

You are innately lovable.

When we do this, it frees up so much energy, that allows us the mental and emotional space to truly rest when we need to, and also to enjoy our day, expressing our own unique gifts and talents with the world, and being ourselves.

When we are filled up full of self-love it is so natural to want to help others, make a difference, and express ourselves through “doing”.

But it should never come at the cost and detriment of our own well-being, in an unconscious attempt to “prove our worthiness.”

Love and Blessings,

Sal x
(My beautiful little grandson Noah, is a powerful reminder of this for me )

If you’ve struggled with truly knowing your worth, I totally get it. I was in that place for years and years. We can all have times when we feel that we are not enough, not doing enough, or should be “more successful, productive, or doing more”.

This was especially problematic when I was experiencing burnout, which only created greater emotional and mental stress which further impacted my physical health and energy negatively.

Knowing how to overcome these thoughts not only set me free emotionally, it helped me get so much of my physical energy back and really feel great again.

Especially as a Mum and getting to show up for my girls in a way that I felt truly proud of who I was and what I was role modeling.

I overcame my guilt for resting when I realised, I never wanted my girls growing up, raising their families, believing they had to be the martyr and never rest.

I realised I had to be a role model for them.

Not only did resting improve my physical energy, but it also made it so much easier to feel better mentally and emotionally. So many women don’t realise how much our mental and emotional health suffers terribly the more exhausted we become.

If you’d love to exit off the hamster wheel and get the exact tools and strategies to overcome your thoughts that make you feel guilty for resting, or that impact your feelings of enoughness, to truly get the support for your physical health and wellbeing, and to reclaim your energy and passion for life again, click here to access my 28 Day Mini Thrive Program.

Click here Now!

I promise your body will thank you for doing so. x

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