Well that definitely blindsided me for a bit…

Well, that definitely blindsided me for a bit…. 

And I’m EXCITED to share with you, what I’ve learnt from this experience and WHY I’m so GRATEFUL for it.

(If you haven’t had a chance to read my previous email on Saturday I was massively hacked, with FB disabling and banning my account, due to the content posted by the hacker.)

(This has meant being locked out of my own FB community groups, losing access to my Business page, FB ceasing my advert account, having almost $10,000 charged to my PayPal account, and losing over 11 years worth of content… and over 4500 FB friends and acquaintances!)

To say this experience has been a little “shocking” is an understatement…. 

Yet what I’ve learnt about life, is that many times life gives us tremendous gifts, wrapped in ugly wrapping paper! 😉

I’ve learnt so much from this experience!

I do have Gate 51 in my Human Design chart that is an energy of “Shock”, it was a larger theme in my life in my younger years, that Initiates me into my Life Path, or gives me a good “Shock” when I’m straying too far from my soul path and who I am in my core.

(If you’re wondering what Human Design is and how it can help you in your life, I’ll be sharing more about this in coming posts/emails, as one of my beautiful clients will be offering a new service of writing and sharing your Human Design Life Purpose Report in the near future.)

I’ve journaled on how I’ve created and attracted this event into my life, over the last few days and also, what the new blessings and opportunities are from this event, moving forward. 

It has taught me, again (I learn this in super fun ways, and not so fun ways) that our words, thoughts and feelings absolutely have CREATIVE POWER.

I’ve consciously been aware of not wanting to be on social media. (Thanks universe for taking care of that for me by wiping my account! 😉) I’ve needed to take a lot of time out, a lot of being in nature to continue healing my body.

I’ve noticed how activated my wounded ego mind was becoming, with comparison and self-judgment on where I think and believe I “should be” at this point in my life. This was causing a lot of resistance in myself, in being on social media.

Anyone else been feeling the same?

(To be really honest with you, going through burnout massively impacted my confidence and self-belief, not to mention massively affected the energy, passion, and desire that I had available to put towards my business, over the last two years.)

(It’s been challenging and something I’ve been doing a lot of inner work on to heal and is one of the biggest symptoms that everyone experiences when going through burnout. This is also why I’m so passionate about helping other women through it because it can be so debilitating when you don’t know what’s happening….)

So by FB wiping out my entire account last Saturday it was the clear message I needed to receive in the form of feedback, to MASSIVELY shift my FOCUS.

YES, we are ALWAYS at choice. 

And it’s not so much what happens BUT what we CHOOSE to do, with what happens!!

And this EXPERIENCE is going to be part of the EPIC story I’m CREATING! 😉

AND that’s WHY I’m MORE excited than EVER before!!!!!!

When this was suddenly taken away from me, I realised how much I’d been taking it for granted AND HOW MUCH YOU ALL MEANT TO ME!

I’d been so focused on my resistance to social media, that I’d become slightly disconnected from the TRUE BLESSINGS and the exponential feelings of MASSIVE GRATITUDE that I have for you all.

My beautiful clients, my wonderful community, so many beautiful friends, so many amazing heartfelt connections, so much to be so, so, so incredibly grateful and thankful for. 

And I’m so, so sorry that I’d taken you all for granted.

This event CRACKED my HEART open wider than ever before.

HUGELY and SO WIDELY as the messages of love, support and kindness flooded in, overwhelmed me with SO MUCH LOVE and so many tears of deep, deep gratitude.

So, from the depths of my heart to yours, please know with every fibre of my being,

I am SO GRATEFUL for you. 

I’m so grateful for the likes, loves, and comments on posts. 

I’m so grateful that you are sharing your life with me, by sharing your world with me, on social media. 

I’m so grateful for the connection that we have.


I’m so grateful to be on this amazing journey of life, where our paths have crossed. 

I’m so grateful for the love that I feel for you, for all of you.


My heart is OVERFLOWING with so much LOVE again and the biggest blessing of all of this, 

Is remembering and knowing so deeply in my heart, 

That LOVE is the only thing that really matters in the end….. 


Thank you for reading this and I genuinely wish you and your families, so much happiness, joy and so many unending blessings for this year and beyond. 

I love you,

Sal x



With my HEART cracked open so WIDE, NOW more than ever I have more FIRE in my SOUL, more PASSION & ENERGY in my HEART to MAKE a DIFFERENCE. 

To HELP as many women as possible this year, pursue their DREAM life, create what they WANT, and become an AMBASSADOR to help other WOMEN as well.

To step into GREATER FREEDOM, to KNOW that it is POSSIBLE, to KNOW that they can heal their BODY, to step into FINANCIAL FREEDOM, to know they are WORTHY of LOVE and EVERYTHING their HEART and SOUL desires.

To be PERSONALLY MENTORED & SUPPORTED by me and the most EPIC HIGH VIBE COMMUNITY, you’ll ever meet!

If you are just like me and KNOW in your HEART that you would LOVE to HELP more WOMEN too AND you would LOVE to step into YOUR DREAM life AND create MULTIPLE STREAMS of INCOME then please send an email at admin@sallyholden.com.au, let’s make a MASSIVE, EPIC DIFFERENCE together. xxx

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