What a week it’s been!

Last Thursday night I had the honour of sharing some powerful tips on Building Resilience to over 40 Business Owners in Wagga for Shop Fitzmaurice.

What an incredible group of people, doing amazing things to support their local businesses! A huge shout out to Bek and Roley for the wonderful inroads they are making in the community.

Friday was family time, and I got some amazing big Nanni snuggles in with my beautiful Grandson Noah, along with getting to spend time with my two beautiful girls, before heading back to Warners Bay on Saturday and spending time with my love over the weekend.

Tuesday, I had the privilege of supporting the team at Home Start with recognising the signs of burnout and how to overcome it and support their own wellbeing. This wonderful group of people are so heart centred and doing incredible work in the local communities all over NSW.

And I’ve also been MIA on here for most of the week, as my body has given me some clear signs I needed to stop and really listen to it. So I did.

I literally slept until 11am yesterday. It’s been probably 15 years or longer since I did that, but it was exactly what my body needed.

Taking time out when we need to, is so incredibly important. It can be so deeply engrained in our psyche, to just push through or keep going, even when our body is letting us know we need to stop, and unfortunately it’s what leads to burnout and complete exhaustion.

And I get it, sometimes it’s so hard to stop when we have ongoing responsibilities and feel that we can’t let others down, I truly get it.

However, I like to ask myself the question, How might I be able to rest or take it easier today? Or where can I make things easier for myself?

Sometimes this even means asking for help or support from others, something that was really hard for me to do years ago. We are so conditioned to always be the giver, it can be hard to allow ourself to receive.

Sometimes there are real priorities, but most of the time we equate everything to being urgent and important, without stopping to really prioritize our health and or set healthy boundaries in our lives.

If you’ve ever been unwell, it’s an instant reminder to how important our health is, it’s so easy to take it for granted when we feel great.

What’s one thing you could do to support your health and wellbeing today?

Is it some extra water, a 10 min nap, or scheduling some time out for yourself, or something else that you feel would support your wellbeing?

Love and Blessings,

Sal x

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