What are you a YES for?


Whatever we are focused on and thinking about whether it be positive or negative is what we are saying yes to and attracting more of, therefore choosing this consciously is so important!

What are you a YES for?

I’d love to hear! This is such a fun and uplifting question to ask yourself daily.

Here’s some inspiration.

I am a yes for love, joy, and avalanches of abundance and fun!

I’m a yes for even more travel and adventure in 2023!

I’m a yes for time with my beautiful girls and family.

I’m a yes for feeling empowered and free and living my best life and shining my light.

I’m a yes for an even deeper connection with my higher self and guides & allowing myself to be fully supported.

I’m a yes for making a difference in the world and sharing my soul essence.

I’m a yes for even more courage and gratitude.

I’m a yes for even more passion, joy, fun, laughter, and connection with my wonderful man.

I’m a yes for expansion, growth, and even more self-awareness.

I’m a yes for high vibes and having even more energy, vitality, and excitement each day!

I’m a yes for truckloads of self-love, self-worth, and self-respect.

I’m a yes for success and my business thrives even more and loving what I do.

I’m a yes for full financial freedom.

I’m a yes for fitness, health, and energy.

I’m a yes to my new van and our new property that I’m so excited about!

I’m a yes for becoming an even better version of myself every day.

I’m a yes for full alignment in every area of my life!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

And so, it is.


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