What are you committed to?

What are you committed to?

My commitment to being in my highest vibration, my peak potential, and with the deepest contentment in my own happiness is ruthless….

These were the words I read from my mentor this morning.


Safe to say, they landed for me, as this has also been my deepest calling for myself for at least a decade now.

Do they resonate for you too?

When I first started my Kinesiology business, my deepest desire was to be the Clearest Conduit that I possibly could be so that my clients, could receive their messages without me misinterpreting the downloads I was getting.

This meant rigorous and daily working on my own energy and vibration.

This meant clearing my beliefs and dealing with my own trauma.

This meant doing the daily inner work on knowing what my own dreams were and working towards these daily as embodied leadership and integrity.

I know the clearer I am, the deeper work I’ve done, the more I understand myself, the more I understand others, and the more I can help others transform, know themselves and support them in their own journey.

I know that anything that shows up, that is a trigger for me, is a gift.

It means there is a deeper level of healing that gets to happen.

It means that I have called that experience in to learn from it, understand it, and know my own inner truth.

And more than 12 years on, it’s still a daily practise and a daily commitment to myself and to those I serve.

Continual and never-ending, soul growth and evolution.

And sometimes when we are in the thick of working through the sludge of our inner shadows, our past trauma, and unpacking triggers, we can forget and be dismissive of how important this work is.

We can tend to put it on the back burner and let our lives get taken over again, by other seemingly more “urgent” things.

It can feel so disruptive because it is.

It can feel so emotionally exhausting because you are releasing years of held onto unprocessed trauma.

It can feel like it would be easier, to go back to life the way it was before.
Yet, I can promise you.

It never would be.

You can never unsee what you have seen.

Once you raise your consciousness.

Once you see your patterns clearly, you can never go back to the way things were before.

And that’s a good thing.

Because life is always asking us to grow.

Life is always asking us to declare our commitments, by what we choose to do and focus on every single day.

Life is always supporting us to step into higher consciousness and soul growth, even when our ego-mind might be kicking and screaming.

I know every time, I’ve stepped through another layer, released another trauma, let go of a limiting belief, my energy soars.

I feel amazing and I get instant feedback (normally within 24-48 hours) from the universe to let me know, I am heading down a better pathway.

Things open up for me.

New opportunities arise.

I find money on the ground.

Synchronistic events happen.

Life just gets better and better….

What is your deepest commitment to yourself?

Do you know in your heart that you are a healer or meant to be helping people, but you haven’t yet stepped into this space?

Or perhaps you are already a healer, you are good at helping others, but you are not yet living this as a truth on a daily, consistent basis for yourself?

Are you focused on supporting your own transformation to create the life you truly desire to be living?

Embodied leadership is so important. ESPECIALLY as a guide for others.

It’s something I am always working on.

I’ve grown so much in this area, and I’ve still got work to do, this also will be a forever process of unfolding for me.

Our commitments shape our life powerfully when we know what they are clearly.

They act as a GPS system, constantly calling us back home.

Yet if you don’t know what you are truly committed to, how do you know where you are going?

How do you know what to focus on each day?

Most unconsciously are committed to a life of safety and comfort.

Or are committed to their belief systems, such as Life is a struggle, you have to work hard to deserve it, I’m not enough, it’s all too hard, I’ll never get there….

But I know that’s not you.

You wouldn’t be reading this otherwise.

You know you were born for more.

You know that there is more in you.

You know that you have huge gifts that you are here to share with the world

Are you ready to be steadfast in your commitment?

Unwavering in your focus and calling?

Determined to make a difference?

If that’s you, I’d love to hear what’s on your heart, I’d love to hear what you are deeply committed to, what you feel called to do, share with me.

Let’s soar together,

Let’s raise each other up,
Let’s celebrate everyone’s success just like you would if it were your own.

Oceans of Love,

Sal x


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Sal x

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