What are you waiting for?


The one you absolutely want to be living is right here now.

It’s here for the taking,

It’s here to be brought to life…..

To be lived into EVERY SINGLE day.

Yet the hard and sad reality is that so many people WON’T ever live their DREAM LIFE.

They will continue to hold themselves back,

They will continue to believe their BS reasons.

They will continue to buy into their fears and BELIEVE, that’s the REASON they CAN’T.

The fears of I might fail. (What if you succeed? – Just like Brooke W Marsh did and ended up creating $110K in 90 days.)

The fears of I’m not good enough (You were born worthy! Dee K Britton decided to embrace her worth and her dreams, replace her income and walk away from her full time job.)

The fears of I don’t know how. (When the student is ready, the teacher appears! Just like Rosetta Enrica Matina found when she chose to fail forward everyday, and went on to quit her 9-5 job, fully replacing her income and recently buying her dream home.)

The fears of I don’t have the money. (Where there is a will, there is a way! Just like Kristie X Ord did by finding a way, when she was dead broke and went on to create a multi-million dollar business, empowering 1000’s of entrepreneurs to create their dream life.)

The fears of I don’t have the time. (It’s just a matter of priorities! Just like Ngaire Hi who was working so many hours in a corporate job on a $100K+ salary and has been able to work completely from home, dedicating the time to her family that she truly wanted to.)

The fears of my partner doesn’t support me. (Do you really want your life to be dictated to, by another person? Amberlee Jaay was so lit up and inspired that she positively inspired her hubby, by what she was creating that he ended up joining her in her business and he was able to stop working 80+ hrs a week and they have been able to travel full time, with no end date!)

I’m not here to sugar coat the hard reality, that if you DO NOT take ACTION on what you KNOW in your HEART you need to HEAL, WORK ON, CREATE, BE & DO, the chances of you MASSIVELY regretting this, will haunt you.

It’s a hard fact that chances are you will wish with all your HEART that you DID something different when you get to the end of your days here on earth.

Make no mistake, none of us are getting out of here alive!

We soften, numb and DENY the real PAIN that we experience day in day out, by not living our dreams, or playing full out. (Because we don’t like to feel that uncomfortable!)

We do it by emotional eating, drinking, numbing out on TV or Netflix, dreaming and pretending it’s not that bad, or it’s not that big of a deal anyhow…..

UNLESS you get REAL with yourself,

(This was what I truly had to CONFRONT in myself, in order to change my life entirely!)

Really REAL with yourself on what it’s really fucking costing you, not living your life in a way that actually lights you up,

You will NEVER take ACTION.

You have to be WILLING to FEEL the CONSEQUENCES if you do not take action.

What would it be like to be another 12 months or 5 years or 10 years down the track, and NOTHING has CHANGED!!!!

We don’t take action when we are comfortable, or lukewarm in a situation.

We take ACTION, when we are motivated both by PAIN and by PLEASURE.

The problem with us humans is that we will do far more to get out of PAIN than what we will do, to create more PLEASURE in our life.

It’s generally only when we have our back up against the wall that we are willing to go ALL IN and find and activate the COURAGE we NEED in order to move FORWARD even with our BS reasons and FEARS.

Your FEARS are not STOPPING you. (You’ve just used that as the REASON why you can’t.)

You’re not special, (Even though you are) EVERY SINGLE BEING on the PLANET has the same or similar FEARS to you.

EVERY SINGLE HUMAN, has a fear and a story and reason as to why, they believe they are NOT GOOD ENOUGH. It’s part of the HUMAN condition.

EVERY SINGLE HUMAN has been scared of what others may think.

EVERY SINGLE HUMAN has been scared to fail and make mistakes.

EVERY SINGLE HUMAN has felt at one point in their life, they didn’t have the money, or the time or the ability.

MAKE NO MISTAKE, believing that you CAN’T because of your FEARS is the most TOXIC belief you can hold.

It will STOP you if you let it.









And MOVE FORWARD anyway.

What do you REALLY WANT?


Who else is that hurting or impacting?

What are the CONSEQUENCES for your family? For your kids?

What are the CONSEQUENCES for yourself?

What gets TO CHANGE by you taking ACTION?

How would that FEEL right now, if you were STEPPING into and CREATING your DREAMS?

How would you FEEL about yourself?

Who else would that impact?

I have 5 open spaces available to be mentored by me for WOMEN with HUGE hearts, to create their DREAM life that are ready to RUN!

That are READY to truly STEP UP and say YES to themselves and their DREAMS.

That are wanting to create an uncapped income.

That are ready to put their BS excuses to bed and activate a SOUL LED FIRE within their HEARTS.

That are ready to CREATE their DREAM LIFE…

That are wanting TIME FREEDOM, so they can be with their family and do what matters most,

That are wanting LOCATION FREEDOM, so they can travel and live a life of FREEDOM.

That are wanting FINANCIAL FREEDOM, to say hell YES to their DREAMS.

That KNOW they have GIFTS they want to SHARE with the WORLD.

That KNOW they have a BIGGER MISSION and purpose than just surviving the day!

That KNOW they want to make a DIFFERENCE in the lives of others.

They KNOW they are ready to be wildly, wealthy women who have unlimited income.

If you are READY to RUN towards your DREAMS, to step into creating your life in a POWERFUL way, then it’s time to say YES to YOU!

Email me at admin@sallyholden.com.au with the message “DREAMS” or PM me to find out HOW!

It’s time!

With Love and Blessings,

Sal x


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