What brings you joy?

This week I’ve given myself massive permission to do more of the things that bring me joy!

I don’t know about you, but I can definitely get a little lost in the day-to-day things that I believe “need” doing and getting that list ticked off.

I love the feeling of ticking things off, but I also know when I am too rigid in that, I lose my sense of joy, my sense of fluidity and connection with my heart, and following my intuitive guidance.

This week I’ve reached out and messaged my girlfriends and booked times with them to chat, yes even during my so-called “work hours”.

I’ve had slower mornings, to give my body time to complete my morning rituals without feeling rushed or time pressured. This has meant 10 am and 11 am starts for my work day.

I’m working on an amazing project for one of my girls, that lights my heart up entirely.

I’ve booked a massage for Friday and a catch-up with a new like-minded soul sister that I’ve recently met.

And I’ve given myself permission to go with the flow, and do even more of what I want to do, rather than what my mind is telling me “I should do.”

And as a result of all of that, I feel so much more relaxed and at peace.

I feel content in my heart.

I feel connected with my soul and inner guidance.

I feel a deep love and satisfaction with my life and a deep alignment and trust that everything is working out for me.

I believe this is so important as women to do more of the things that bring us joy because it connects us to our deep feminine essence and receptive power.

We make things so hard on ourself by constantly pushing and striving and doing and ticking off all the things. Don’t get me wrong, I love that occasionally, it just doesn’t serve me to live there, as my energy becomes depleted quickly, I feel rigid in my body, and I feel immense pressure and contraction both in my physical body and energy.

It puts me into fear, stress, lack, and scarcity and has definitely contributed to burnout in the past.

Not only that, when I drop into lack and scarcity, and fear, I’m working in direct opposition with the law of attraction, of allowing myself to attract and create what I’m wanting. Things feel so much harder and I notice I have to work so much harder to create meagre results.

But when I’m in flow when I’m in alignment when I’m living my dream life by following my heart’s guidance on a regular basis, I feel full and content in the best way possible and things just line up and happen with minimal effort.

My heart smiles.

And I truly have more love, more gratitude, and more appreciation for everything.

Giving from this place fulfills me and gives me even more energy, rather than depleting me.

If you’ve not experimented with this, I absolutely encourage and invite you, to create space in your day, even if it’s just 10-30 mins, to do whatever you are wanting to do.

There will always be things to clean, laundry to do, meals to prepare, and work to do, but when we continually put off our joy, until all the jobs are done, we actually never allow ourself to experience it because there’s always something else to do. And as a woman, I know I started to resent this big time and everything became a drain for me.

Who else relates to that?

Today I encourage you, to find your joy, move towards joy, and allow yourself to experience and do, and have the things that bring you joy.

And if you don’t know what those things are, I’d start a little list. I have a “Happy List” and it’s a wonderful resource, when I’m not sure, or lost for ideas on what I’d like to do.

Wishing you Love and Blessings and copious amounts of JOY!

Sal x


If you would love to experience more JOY in your life,

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