What do you say to yourself daily?

The habitual energy that you choose to engage in daily is totally creating every aspect of your life as it is today…..

Your world and your personal experiences are nothing but feedback as to what you are offering with your thoughts, beliefs, and your energy. You are a massive magnet. And most of it is unconscious BECAUSE it’s become so habitual.

(I remember feeling so angry when I first heard that, because I was going through such a difficult stage in my life, but little by little it made sense to me. I’d felt powerless, fearful, and insecure for a long time, so I continued to attract situations that I felt even more fearful, powerless and insecure about.)

Our perceptions of who we are – our own self-concept and what is possible for us, shape our lives, our choices, emotions, and therefore our actions every day.

Our biggest limiting factor? Our Identity….

There are no more powerful words that we say to ourselves than “I am………..

We are literally instructing our mind and body to be that way.

To act and think that way.

We buy into and create an identity from these statements and we then “become what we say we are.”

For example, saying, I’m experiencing depressive emotions today, is different to say, I am depressed.

In the latter, we actually become that way because we are unconsciously attaching it to our identity by telling ourselves that is who we are.

When we start to believe that this is just who I am, (for example – a depressed person) before long, we start to reinforce that statement to others.

Not only does it reinforce this emotional pattern to become habitual, but believing that statement, creates even more depressive feelings. So, it becomes a deeper self-perpetuating cycle.

Not only that, we have been culturally conditioned to believe these things…..

And if you were anything like me when I was grieving my Mother’s passing and the breakdown of my marriage, I had some family members and a whole medical community convincing me that I was depressed and needed to go onto anti-depressants.

For me, that was not a path that was right for me or one that I chose to go down.

I knew that I had depressed feelings, which given the circumstances I was experiencing at the time (Loss of my Mum and breakdown of the marriage), I believe were completely normal. To feel sadness, grief-stricken, overwhelmed, and powerless was actually really appropriate and normal.

I was also determined to find the answers that I needed to change my thinking and my feelings, as I knew that my thoughts were definitely impacting how I felt every day physically, mentally, and emotionally.

There’s also no judgment or disagreement with the medical profession on taking antidepressants, sometimes they can be a bridge for people to help them to start to feel a bit better.

However, unless we heal the “underlying causes” for the feelings and heal the body holistically, then it is only a temporary band-aid for what is the real issue. I’ve seen this time and time again with the thousands of people I’ve helped over the years.

I’ve had clients say to me, they’ve felt freer in just 3 weeks of working with me, than 6 years working with

psychologists/psychiatrists and on medication. (I also never advise clients to come off their medication, but they often find after working with me, they no longer need to be on it and decide that in a consult with their doctor.)

What are the regular feelings and thoughts that you have about yourself every day?

What do you simply believe is true about you?

What habitual emotions or things do you say to yourself, that you know are currently affecting your life and self-worth?

To change anything in our life, we first must change our minds. Quite literally. Get back in touch with you, to discover your hidden truths, and passions and to get back to self-care and filling up your own bucket.

Overcome the guilty and anxious feelings and stress of everyday life.

Get your life back on track where you are waking up feeling amazing and energized and ready to start your day, by taking one small simple action step today.

Get your sparkle back, get that twinkle in your eye again, be more present with your kids, and be more productive than ever before by taking time out for you to fill your bucket.

Discover what’s currently blocking you from doing these things, even though you know that you should.

Learn how to get your energy back by journaling what depletes your energy and what restores your energy.

Get back to loving you and feeling proud of you again.

Jump into a confident new you again by standing tall and strong.

Decide to make decisions easily again by getting clear on what you really do want.

Choose to feel calmer and more relaxed even though you are getting more done in a day.

It’s time to set yourself free.

My 12 Week Thrive program has helped so many women do exactly just that, if you are done with feeling tired and exhausted and would love to start 2023 as the most powerful version of you, then apply today by clicking the button below, to book your application call. Spots are very limited.

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Looking forward to speaking with you,

Sal X

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