What do you truly want?

Are you minimising what is possible for you?

One of the biggest things I’ve learnt over the years is to open up to possibility.

I remember how hard everything seemed, when I was creating from a place of my current reality.

At the time, I’d just become a single Mum, I was only earning $300 a week at the time.

I remember sitting at my desk, I had my book open and was busy drawing up columns in the book to literally transfer $4/week for my shoes, $8/week for clothes, etc. EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR was accounted for.

I would save for 3 weeks to take my girls out for Gelato Icecream.

My gut was continuously tight from so much anxiety and fear about money.

I felt so alone and afraid. I was terrified of unknown expenses because I never knew how I would be able to pay for them.

I felt so restricted with how I wanted to live my life.

I felt so exhausted and tired and burnt out from all the fears and money stress.

I had massive dreams and it had all changed when I became a single Mum, now filled with terror on how I was going to provide for my girls.

Yet, I knew the principals of creating my own reality. I’d practised this a bit over the years but hadn’t really put it to the test.

Now was the time more than ever – I had to shift this.

I refused to continue living like this, feeling so afraid, so powerless, so fearful about money.

Feeling that it dictated to me, what I could and couldn’t do.

Feeling that it had power and control over me, because I had to work so hard to earn it and there wasn’t enough hours in the day to do that and be the Mum that I wanted to be.

Feeling that money had the final say as to how I would live my life……

I knew I had to change my emotional state.

I knew I had to change the anxiety about my bank account balance and the bills coming in.

And I put myself to work, on changing my perception of my current reality, to shifting it to what it would feel like, feeling in money flow.

I opened to what I truly wanted, I ignored my current reality somewhat and focused more and more on what I was creating and stepping into instead.

It felt open,

It felt luxiourious,

It felt expansive,

It felt exciting,

It felt amazing,

It felt like possibility,

It felt like joy,

It felt like all of my greatest dreams coming true,

And in that moment, I knew I had shifted my vibrational state.

I visualised my bank accounts with $15k and $20k in them and more….

I visualised over $2000 per week flowing into my accounts.

I visualised what it would feel like taking my girls on amazing trips

to Disneyland and to Uluru and the Great Ocean Road.

I visualised being able to walk into any shop and take them on a major shopping spree, instead of the $100 we had been budgeting on.

I visualised driving my dream car.

I visualised living my life of freedom and feeling so blessed, so grateful so excited…..

This is what eventually led me to totally shift my money story and create a 6 Figure Business year on year for the past 7 years…..

Bit by bit, year by year,

Releasing and letting go of the B.S. beliefs of “I have to work hard to deserve it”.

“It’s wrong to have lots of money”

“Others will judge me and think I’m greedy if I have lots of money”

All of these beliefs were holding me back, from truly allowing the expansion I desired.

Letting these goes, gave me an immediate sense of emotional freedom and joy and that’s the key right there to being able to create a life of Freedom, Fun and Joy for myself and my girls, traveling to wonderful places taking them to Uluru and on the Great Ocean Road, buying my dream car and motorhome….

So many people focus on HOW they can do this, and this is what trips so many people up, because without knowing the HOW they unknowingly block themselves because it doesn’t feel possible, they can’t believe that it can happen from not knowing the HOW.

But this stops them from allowing themselves to receive the inspiration, to receive the ideas, to receive the FIRST few STEPS to take.

It’s all about changing your beliefs and the emotional state first, the HOW follows after!

I’m nowhere near done yet with my own money story.

I’m stepping into creating 6 Figure months,

I’m stepping into creating LEGACY wealth.

I’m stepping into being able to donate massively every month to AFADU and other causes that my heart feels passionate about supporting.

I am so passionate about helping other women HEAL their MONEY story.

I am so passionate about being able to help to transform the money story that wealth is bad, wrong or greedy.

WEALTH expands who you naturally are.

It means if you are naturally GENEROUS, KIND, CARING then more WEALTH allows you to DO so much more, to TRULY make a DIFFERENCE in the world.

Not only that but being able to raise my girls and role model shifting my money story, has been such a gift to them.

My daughter who is 21 has already bought her first house with her partner.

Setting them up, with powerful money beliefs about what’s possible is the best gift we can give our kids.

What do you truly want?

Where have you been settling or focused on your current reality?




Shifting your MONEY BS is the FIRST STEP and I absolutely am so excited to share the MOST EPIC and LIFE CHANGING training with you!

If you are READY to UPLEVEL your MONEY story and let go of the BS that has been holding you back, DROP “UPLEVEL” in the comments below or DM me Gorgeous to get access to this

AMAZING FREE training.

Let’s support you to take your life to a WHOLE different level of possibility.

To open you up to truly creating your new REALITY.

To feeling so in flow, to knowing how to change your MONEY STORY and never letting money hold power over you again and dictate what is and isn’t possible for you.

This is about your FREEDOM,

This is about transforming your kids perception of POSSIBILITY for themselves.

This is about you living your greatest DREAMS and getting to a PLACE where MONEY no longer is a stress for you.

If that’s what you truly want, email me at admin@sallyholden.com.au with the message “UPLEVEL”.

Oceans of Love,

Sal x


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