What do you wish were true

What do you wish was true for you? 

Feeling freer, feeling happier, having more energy, having more money, having a better relationship, feeling awesome in your body???????


What opposing thoughts beliefs do you have about what you wish was true for you? 

It can’t happen for me, I don’t have time, this is as good as it gets, nothing works out for me, this is just the way it is, I don’t know how to do that, I’m too tired…… 


This is exactly the VERY thing, that is in the way of you getting to create, have, be and do what you want…. 

And I get it, it’s hard, when it has been your “reality”, when you’ve had those thoughts because it’s been your experience. When you really do believe it as your truth…..

It’s hard to not believe these thoughts, when in reality we may have experienced those things again and again…..

Yet nothing on the external can change, until we change our inner world. 

Of what we believe….


About Ourself,

About Life, 

About Relationships,

About our Body,

About our Energy,

About our Time,

About our Health,

About Money, 

About Men,

About Women,

And about what’s possible for ourself….. 


Knowing what beliefs are in your way of creating what you want and being able to shift these to believe thoughts that you Wish were true for you, is part of the MAGIC of doing inner work.

This is the work that matters most….. 

Because without it, you can try every strategy under the sun, but if at your core, you still believe that it will never change, that strategy will also fall flat, and you won’t get the results you are wanting….. 

Which only reinforces the same painful story/beliefs that you’ve held that has kept you stuck…. 


Take time today, to ask yourself the first two questions, 

What do you wish were true for you? 

And what do you immediately think/believe when you write these things down?


Are they supportive, or are they opposing exactly what you want? 


Knowing how to change and release these old beliefs and to create new supportive empowering beliefs, is exactly part of the MAGIC I teach my CLIENTS, that enables them to EMPOWER themselves to change their WORLD and their REALITY. 

To put you back in touch with your Co-Creative POWER that we were all BORN with.

To know that you are a DIVINE BEING 

And that you are INHERENTLY WORTHY of all that you DESIRE.


This is the SOUL work, we are HERE to do…. 

We are all just walking each other home. 

Lighting each other’s lamps and empowering every person on their own journey. 




This is the fun,

This is the joy,

This is the expansiveness of SOUL GROWTH

And knowing very CLEARLY WHO YOU ARE.


Are you READY? 

Ready to clear your B.S.?

Ready to reclaim your health, your energy and feeling AMAZING everyday?

Ready to feel amazing in your relationships again?

Ready to be the Role Model for your kids that you always knew you could be?

Ready to get back to the lightness, the joy, the play, the fun of truly living?

Ready to uplevel your Financial Abundance to step into more FREEDOM?


If that’s what you’re after, then I’m 100% certain I can help you…. 

Over the last 11 years, I’ve supported 1000’s of women, just like you, to live from their heart, to step into their full authenticity, to heal their body and their energy, to master their emotional state everyday, to create amazing relationships, to uplevel their abundance, to know how to Co-Create with the divine and to step into CLAIMING their DREAM LIFE.

The first step? 

Knowing what your blind spots are and how to shift them… (What your REAL beliefs are that are limiting you from being all that you can be and that you know in your heart, is possible for you.)

Book your Call with me today, to get clear on what your Blind Spots are, what the story is that you keep telling yourself, that is STOPPING you from HEALING your BODY and LIVING your DREAM life…… 

Only a couple of places left…. 

Click here Now!
Oceans of Love, 

Sal x


You are worth it, 

It’s ok to ask for help, if you don’t, you stay stuck for longer 😉 


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