What if a step back was actually what you needed?

As high achieving/A type personality women we can often be incredibly hard on ourselves if we feel we are not constantly moving forward.

Yet what if, a pause, a step backwards to really look at the big picture and really see what’s going on, is exactly what is needed?

When we get into “doing mode” we can often be blindsided by so many things, simply because we are not taking the time to pay attention and to be aware.

We are so driven, by ticking off the list and getting the next thing done, that we often don’t stop to check in and see how we are actually feeling.

Are we happy?

Do we know what brings us joy?

Do we know what we truly want for ourself?

Are we clear in who we are?

Burnout and illness and set backs during healing, sometimes can feel terrifying and like a huge slap in the face…..

Yet it is often because we actually need the pause,

To re-evaluate,

To see what our internal truth is,

And to really check in with ourself.


Watch today’s 8 min Video to learn how a step back, is actually the very thing we sometimes need and how to reframe it, so that it is a positive for yourself.

Click here Now!

With Love and Blessings,

Sal x

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