What if all of your deepest fears are a way to protect you?

What if all of your deepest fears and the largest stories that you tell yourself are just a way to protect you?

What if none of it was true, and that it was only because we were buying into our ego minds fear of how things are, as a way to try and keep us small.

Our ego/survival minds biggest job is to protect us.

It wants to protect us, it wants to keep us safe, it wants to prevent us from failing, from looking bad, from being rejected, from being hurt, from making mistakes.

But what if all of that, yes all of that is a complete illusion.

What if the reality of fear was that it actually didn’t exist at all? What if it was just a way, to know the truth of who we really are, and without that polarity of fear and love, we would not truly know what love actually was and therefore not know who we actually are.

All of my stories that I tell myself have side benefits. Even though I may say it’s not what my heart and soul really desires, but in actually fact it’s what my mind craves. It wants certainty, it craves safety and it wants to know it’s going to be ok and it keeps us paralysed in the fear to not take action, to attempt to meet the need for certainty and safety. (But we all know how that feels – it’s far from feeling safe and certain.)

But it continues to attempt to achieve that outcome, it doesn’t want me to take any risks, it wants definite answers of absolute certainty to keep it safe.

So it makes up these stories, that I haven’t got enough time, or that other people might reject me, or that I haven’t got the ability, or that I don’t know how to.

But it’s painful living this way, it’s exhausting, because we always feel that we are in struggle and push and way too much effort for the results that we receive.

Being in flow and living from our heart and soul is so much easier.

And I think it’s also incredibly important to say, I’m not always in that space.

It’s not a one-time certificate, that once you are there, that you are always there.

It’s a moment to moment thing and our emotions are the greatest guidance.

My ego gets in the way, it still wants to run the show occasionally and it tends to be when I’m physically tired, or when I’ve stretched for a new goal, it’s the time inbetween of knowing that I have a new goal or desire that I want to create in my life and aligning my ego/survival mind with, what my heart and soul already knows to be true, that tends to create the crazy and chaotic internal emotions and resistance.

My ego gets scared, it feels vulnerable, it wants to hide out, it gets ashamed when it feels that it’s done the wrong thing or let people down, or when it’s scared of failing or being judged. It’s the part of me, that doesn’t feel like it’s enough.

And it can keep us trapped in painful cyles that can sometimes feel that it is in a continuous feedback loop, entrenched in super strong resistance.

And the key to exiting this feedback loop is vulnerability.

It’s the ability to acknowledge how we are really feeling, that breaks through our armoured egoic layers and shells.

It’s the ability to honestly say, I don’t know and I am scared I’ll fail, that opens our heart up again. It softens that hard exterior and the need to have it right, the need to be right and the need to be enough.

It’s being vulnerable and loving enough with ourself, to say to our self, that it’s ok that you’re feeling this way, and I love you anyway.

And it’s being open to this self-love in our own vulnerability that brings us back to flow.

When I’m operating from flow, I no longer have to push myself to “make myself” get things done.

I feel joyous, I feel excited, I feel passionate, I feel soft and gooey on the inside and confident and happy on the outside, I’m no longer operating from my ego mind of fear and scarcity and protection.

I feel open, I feel safe, I feel like I can breathe again.

I feel liberated, I feel free and most of all a deep inner contentment and peacefulness, regardless of what’s happening.

My physical body feels strong, energised and ready to play.

It’s tough living in the ego/survival mind, I did it for years continuously. Where I lived from that base level of survival.

Knowing exactly how to bring myself back into living from my heart has been the greatest gift that I’ve ever given myself, with such a feeling of internal peace.

But it’s also brought so much more than that.

It’s brought, new ideas, new business opportunities, amazing soul mate clients to work with, gorgeous events, amazing holidays, new environments, more and more money every year, a new car, a new apartment to live in and a super aligned intimate soul mate relationship.

Being guided by my heart and soul, allows me to get myself out of the way, of receiving my own good.

My ego has so many judgements about that and quite often it gets stuck in the how.

When I’m living from my heart and soul, I’m guided and I’m like a huge magnet for everything I’m wanting in life.

When I’m in my ego/survival mind, it’s like I’m wearing extra strong repellent to everything that I’m wanting in life!!!

And that’s tough, because it scares the ego/survival mind even more, and can become a downward spiral into lack and scarcity, shame, neediness, unworthiness and just plain old, not feeling good enough.

Your ability to be able to master your own emotions and see your external world as your greatest feedback system yet, is one of the greatest and most powerful things you can ever learn from yourself.

You are amazing!

You are brilliant!

You are gorgeous!

And the more you allow your own light to shine, the more you help others, shine theirs.

With Love and Blessings,

Always in All Ways,

Sal xox

P.S. Learning how to master your emotions, about yourself, others and your life is THE most powerful gift you can ever give yourself.

Don’t know how? PM me now. Xox

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