What if, it really was possible?

What if, you really could have it be anyway you’d like it to be?
What if you really were the creator of your own reality?

What would it be like, living your dream life?

What would you be doing?
How would you feel waking up everyday?

What would it be like to follow through on all of your most amazing dreams?
What would it be like to know anything were possible for you?

What would you love most about that?
How would you spend your time? 

When we are living from fear, not love.

From our heads, not our hearts,

We are constantly creating our future, based on our past.

It keeps us stuck in living the same or even worse states than we’ve previously experienced. 

Remembering your divine power as a creator is the most important gift you can ever give yourself, along with remembering that you are worthy, that you are lovable and that you are absolutely deserving of it all!

Abundance, love, joy and happiness is your birth right!

And the only thing that’s keeping you separate from experiencing that, is living from your head, with all the worries, fears and constant stress.

It keeps us in a place of struggle.

It keeps us in a place of fear, worry and stress.

It keeps us replaying the old narrative of how we aren’t enough,
Or that we don’t deserve it, because we haven’t worked hard enough.

It keeps us in a proving and competing energy.

Competing for everything, 

Competing for love,

Competing for money,

Competing for business,

Competing for significance,

Competing to finally one day feel that you are enough.

But no amount of competing, no amount of success, no amount of proving will ever fill that void. 

Just as when you believe you “need more money” no amount of money can ever fill that. 


It is living from our wounded ego survival mind, that puts us into fear based thinking and living.

It’s constrictive, it’s contracting, it’s rigid, fearful and tight and worse, it plays havoc with your energy and your vitality. 

Relaxing into your divine nature of abundance, 

Of living from your heart, 

Of knowing your internal truth, 

Of living into the fullness of who you really are,

Is the answer. 


You are already enough.

There is nothing left to prove.

You are 






Today and Always. 


With Love,

Sal xox 


If you’ve ever struggled with your worth, or feeling inadequate or like a fraud, it’s time to release any past stories that have created pain for you, or made you feel ashamed, or that you are not enough.

These stories hold you back in every area of life and affect how you treat yourself and how you allow yourself to be treated.

They are self-perpetuating, meaning when we believe that we are not enough, we continue to look for and find evidence as to why that is true, again continuing the painful cycle.

Gorgeous, I promise you can absolutely step off that. It’s time to come back to you.

It’s time to overcome all of the painful thoughts and beliefs that you have about yourself, or what you’ve made things mean. 

It’s time to truly set yourself free.

To truly love who you are deeply and unconditionally. 

To know in your heart and soul that you are absolutely enough.

That you are a magnificent divine creator and that you are worthy of great things. 

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