What if you truly believed?

What if you truly believed? 

Having a dream, a goal or a desire and not believing that it’s possible keeps us in a state of apathy and exhaustion.

We may desire something, but if we truly don’t know HOW we can have that or create that, or we don’t believe that we are deserving or worthy of it, or just don’t believe that we could ever have, be or do that; it creates blocked energy.

If you attempt to take action from this place, it will honestly feel like such a hard slog.

You’ll be pushing yourself, you’ll be making yourself take action, but underneath it is that gut gnawing feeling of “what’s the point anyway”…… 

It’s this type of energy that literally creates burnout.

You have a big dream or goal that you would truly love. 

This is like putting your foot on the accelerator, but when you don’t believe that you can have it or create it, it’s like putting your foot on the brake at the same time….

You know what that does in a car right? 

A burnout…. 


That’s exactly what’s happening with your body. Pure resistance and push/pull energy.

And you’ll know when that’s true, because you will feel that you constantly push and motivate yourself to do the things, that you believe you have to, in order to bring the dream to light.

Yet your results will be mediocre at best. 

There’s a tonne of reasons why we also hold ourself back and put the brakes on our biggest dreams, there’s the fear that I may fail, there’s the fear of what will people think of me, there’s the fear of being seen or of being successful, there’s the fear of losing something else we value- such as our time with our loved ones or our own freedom, or risking investing a large sum of money in ourself or our business…. 

These are just a few reasons that you could be putting the brakes on truly believing in yourself. 

Clearing your energy and mind of these limiting fears, beliefs and thoughts so that you can come into your full alignment is absolutely one of the most powerful gifts you can ever give yourself. 

If you don’t, you may find that you spend years “trying” to get a goal, without actually ever really achieving it. 

You may find that you continue to deplete your system adrenally again and again, because of the constant “push energy” of trying to “prove your worthiness” or that you deserve it by working really, really hard. 

You may find that your health continues to deteriorate and worse still end up losing passion, joy and excitement for your dreams and your goals.

Or if the pressure and tension ends up too much, and you experience too much cognitive dissonance between what you want and what you believe you can have, you’ll eventually tell yourself that you didn’t really want that thing or dream anyway and cut it loose….. Feeling disappointment and grief.

One of the best ways of aligning yourself fast, is literally asking yourself this question daily on whatever your biggest dreams or goals are. 

What if you already truly believed that you could? 

How would you show up daily?

What else would you believe?

How would you feel?

And best of all, what action would you be super excited to take?


If you are just feeling a bit frustrated, overwhelmed or discouraged, then the above questions will be perfect for you. 

If you are closer to feeling downright powerless, these questions may not help you at all and in fact may make you feel worse. 

A better statement for you to ask would be “I’m looking forward to being able to believe this a bit more, what if this could be true, how would I feel and what action would I take today?”


Knowing how to leap and jump vibrationally and energetically is another form of mastering your emotions. 

There is so much power in being able to do this, and not only that it will bring incredible energy, passion, lightness and excitement back into your body. 

You will create magic in your own life. And you will be so surprised at the outcomes that you create with greater ease, flow and absolute joy, WITHOUT burning yourself out in the process. 

All exhaustion, fatigue and burnout come from living in a low energy state. We are literally pinching ourself off from allowing our full life force energy to flow through us. When we live in fear, worry, stress and anxiety we are minimising the flow of energy through our body. 

This is why the worse you feel emotionally, the less physical energy you have available to you. 

Forcing yourself to take action from this fearful and low energy state, is literally what creates burnout. Most of us were taught that our value is intricately linked to HOW much we do everyday. 

Your value is not something you every have to prove.

You are valuable and worthy, 





There is another way. 

Full alignment, living life with passion and joy, excitement and feeling so blessed when you wake up.

If you don’t feel like this, no you are not failing in someway.

There is not something wrong with you. 

There are just patterns of thoughts, beliefs and habitual emotions that are getting in your way. 

It’s time to totally set yourself free Gorgeous.


Get back to thriving, not just trying to survive the day.

The power is in your hands, you can choose to click the button below, to set yourself free, breaking free from burnout and creating your dream life, beginning today.

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With love and blessings,

Always in All Ways,


Sal xox

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