What if….

I was thinking this morning, what if today were my last day on earth…..

Immediately I felt a massive and powerful energy shift in myself.

I connected deeply to my heart,

I wanted to drink in every moment,

Every moment with my love,

Every moment with messaging and chatting with my girls,

Every moment of being who I am and getting to express that fully…..

I truly believe, we can let life slip by so fast,

Or just become so numb to it all, in the day to day rush.

We become so robotic and lose meaning and purpose with the stress, the fear and the trying to get someplace else, other than where we are right now.

Forgetting the importance of a beautiful hug with our loved ones,

Or just taking in their beautiful face and smile.

Or just breathing in the fresh air,

Or just being healthy enough to go for a walk and feel the sunshine on our face.

Forgetting the joy of just being alive and feeling immense gratitude for that.

As I stepped into greater and greater appreciation for my life this morning,

I noticed I was filled with more life,

More energy,

More zest for living,

More joy,

More satisfaction in this moment right now.

My heart feels so full, it’s overflowing with so much love.

It’s bursting with so much joy, energy, love and gratitude.

I feel so incredibly blessed, loved and taken care of by the universe,

By Spirit,

By Soul.

I feel more than ever, excited to live,

To fully express myself,

Deeper and more fully than ever before.

To do all the things, that my heart is calling me too.

To reach out to my loved ones and tell them again, how much I love and care about them.

To say thank you, for everything, including you right now, reading this,

Thank you.

Thank you for being part of my life.

Thank you for being a unique and incredible aspect of divinity, sharing this time space together in this moment.

I love you.

I’m grateful for you.

Today, I invite you to take a moment,

To pause.

To reflect

And to ask yourself, if today were your last day on earth, what would you be most grateful for?

I’d love to hear.

All the Love,

Sal x


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