What is true wealth for you?

True Wealth….

No amount of money could top what I am feeling right now,

I have such a deep joy emanating through my being,

So much love and deep connection radiating from my heart and soul,

Feeling so deeply blessed, for this incredible life that we all get to live and experience.

And we could have all the money in the world and not be able to connect to this deeper inner feeling of true wealth, joy, love, connection, expansion and just a deep, deep connection to life itself.

Money is not the issue here on any level.

Money is an incredible resource and I love money very deeply as it allows me to do so many wonderful things as a human being and especially as a Mum and a partner and someone that wants to make a difference in the world.

But true wealth comes from our mindset,

What we choose to focus on,

And what we are choosing to create and experience in our life.

From what we are thinking about that makes us feel rich, abundant, prosperous, grateful, and blessed,

Or total fear, stress, and feeling broke…

And we could have tonnes of money, and no time or energy left for our loved ones and relationships,

We could have tonnes of money and still have low self-esteem and self-worth and a loud inner critic.

We could have tonnes of money and have mistreated our bodies with negativity and stress, drugs, alcohol, sugar, and junk food and not taking care of it and wake up feeling awful every day.

We could have more than enough money to live comfortably, feed our families, and to some degree still live in scarcity, fear, and stress in our minds and feeling that we never have enough and feeling poor internally. (this is where most of the western culture resides.)

None of the above is true wealth either…..

I believe true wealth comes from a deep connection to ourselves.

Knowing our worth,

Seeing and appreciating our own value as human beings.

Living in a state of gratitude as much as we possibly can.

Seeing the gift and blessings in every experience no matter how hard or challenging. (This can take some time, especially with huge life challenges or very difficult circumstances.)

And allowing the gift of money to flow to us joyously.

I believe true wealth is:

  1. Really appreciating how wealthy we truly are, especially if we have a roof over our heads, food in the fridge, and clothes to wear every day.
  2. Really appreciating how wealthy we truly are, if we have someone we love and appreciate in our lives.
  3. Really appreciating how wealthy we truly are, if we have work or a business that supports us.
  4. Really appreciating how wealthy we truly are, if we wake up and we are alive and even better if we have energy and a healthy body,
  5. Really appreciating how wealthy we truly are, by acknowledging all the ways that life currently supports us, with grocery stores, washing machines, garbage disposal services, and some form of roads to drive on.
  6. Really appreciating how wealthy we truly are in owning/having a car that takes us to where ever we wish to travel.
  7. Really appreciating how wealthy we truly are in being able to take a holiday, or spend time with loved ones.
  8. Really appreciating how wealthy we are with how much freedom and safety we have in access to medical services and not living in a war zone.

We have so many ways that we are truly wealthy, that it’s easy to take it all for granted and focus on what we don’t have or what is still lacking.

Yet this is the problem with our relationship with money and even ourselves.

When we are focused on lack and not having enough or being enough, especially if we compare ourselves to others, we tend to create more of the same,

And this will be our experience of life.





And feeling that we are not enough and feeling broke internally and externally.

However, when we truly take time to acknowledge how wealthy we are,

Not only will you feel incredible at the moment,

But it will also shift your vibration and emotion.

What we truly appreciate, is the value increases.

This is why it’s called Appreciation of Assets!

This will support you in every facet of life.

Especially in creating and generating more wealth and financial resources.

I believe in true wealth.

The wealth and abundance of time, energy, love, and financial resources…..

Many people believe they have to give up at least one of those to create more money and it’s just not true.

I believe true wealth is about creating a life that you love.

I believe true wealth is about healing your relationship with yourself and others.

I believe true wealth is about healing your relationship with money.

I believe true wealth is about having wonderful energy and a passion for life.

I believe true wealth is about the true freedom of time.

I believe true wealth is about being able to travel or be wherever you desire.

What does true wealth mean for you?

Until we’ve defined what this is for ourselves, we cannot create it.

It’s like trying to hit an undefinable target that keeps moving.

If you would love to get clear on what true wealth means for you,

If you would love to transform your relationship with yourself and with money and you know you need some mindset upgrades,

If you would love a powerful strategy that is leveraged and automated to create uncapped wealth AND the mindset shifts needed to create it, I have a few free tickets left to an incredibly powerful Masterclass from one of my amazing mentors. (valued at $997) DM or email me at admin@sallyholden.com.au with the message “True wealth” to get access to this today.

You will learn what gets in the way of a powerful wealth mindset and how to overcome it,

What are the 3 steps that create a Freedom Income?

And what you can do today, is to start creating more true wealth for yourself and your family.

Understanding the key principles to create a life you love and having true money, time and freedom is one of the most powerful gifts that you can ever give to yourself and your loved ones.

Especially your kids.

Email me with the message “True Wealth” to get access to this powerful masterclass today.

With Love and Blessings,

Sal xx


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