What my van represented to me metaphysically?

How my van breaking down and needing to be towed, represented my body metaphysically….

Since studying and learning Kinesiology and working with thousands of people over the past 13 years, I’ve realized how prominent the patterns are in the body and with what we experience in life, and how truly reflective of our inner beliefs and emotions that everything in our external world shows us.

This is so powerful to understand because it means that you can become more self-aware. You can pick up the signs and signals at the “Feather” stage, rather than waiting for the brick or the Mack Truck experience to wake you the “F&%!” up!

A Mack truck experience almost wipes you out completely….

A Feather is obviously, a much lighter and gentler experience, so the sooner we become aware of what’s happening, the sooner we can make changes, and save ourselves some heartache, pain, and suffering.

When something in life presents itself, I ask myself, “What is it showing me?” I do the same when I’m working with people and their current life experiences and especially when working with helping them heal their bodies.

Understanding what’s happening and how this may relate to someone’s thoughts, emotions, and belief systems is often mind-blowing to people in how accurate it is, sometimes people think I’m reading their minds. I’m not, I just know these patterns so well, after observing them in so many people.

(Although my open heart and open ajna and head help to pick up a lot of info- for all my HD peeps.)

(As humans we do all struggle with the same maladies, of our humanness )

So I always ask, “What function does this body part help me with and how might this relate to me in life, or emotionally?”

If there’s an issue with my back – it might be about how much support I’m allowing myself, how much I’m supporting myself, or allowing others to support me.

If there’s an issue with my stomach – where am I not “digesting life” or where am I not feeling satisfied or full, or content?

If there’s an issue with my spleen – where am I not experiencing “sweetness or joy?”

If there’s an issue with my hips – where am I not feeling centered, stable, and grounded in how I’m moving forward?

If there’s an issue with my legs – where am I feeling that it’s hard or painful to move forward?

If there’s an issue with my skin – where am I letting things get under my skin?

If there’s an issue with my neck – where am I fixated on a particular point of view, where am I not being flexible, or seeing different perspectives?

If there’s an issue with my shoulders – where am I taking too much responsibility, or carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders?

If there are issues with my adrenals – where am I exhausting myself and constantly under stress?

If I have inflammation – (normally hot and inflamed) – what am I feeling hot, angry, and inflamed about?

If there’s an issue with my breasts – where am I overgiving, over-nurturing, or not nurturing myself?

And of course, there are also masculine and feminine aspects when looking at the right and left sides of the body.

The masculine (right side) represents money, career finance, and males in our life and how we present ourselves to the world, the feminine (left side) represents our inner world and emotions, as well as other females in our lives, or even how we feel about being female.

So I just apply the same principles to a car or vehicle.

Flat battery – where am I running out of power, or needing to “recharge”

Transmission – where am I not changing gears, or slowing down when I need to, or changing up gears when I need to?

Flat tire – where am I not taking care of my body, or where am I running flat?

Wheels out of alignment – where am I out of alignment in my life areas? Am I too focused on one particular area that’s taking me in the wrong direction?

Windscreen – What am I not seeing clearly, have I worked out my vision of where I want to go?

External scratches and dents – where am I feeling a bit bruised and dented by life?

The list is endless and again, I work with it until it “feels like it truly resonates for me.”

Last Thursday’s issue was the torque converter, which is what allows the automatic transmission to work effectively and change gears.

This is a little clue to myself, that I need to work on beliefs that are keeping me stuck in the one gear and not supporting me to be as fluent with slowing down and speeding up when I desire to.

For more mindblowing information on this subject, the two best
books I’ve ever come across are Louise Hay’s “Heal Your Body” and Inga Segal’s book “The Secret Language of the Body”.

Both books are wonderful resources for truly understanding more about what emotional and mental patterns our bodies are showing us that need healing.

Our bodies truly are the messenger for our soul, make sure you are listening to yours.

Love and Blessings,

Sal x


If you’d love to deeply understand what your body is currently showing you and not only radically improve your health and well-being, but learn the tools and strategies for life, to be able to shift your belief systems and live a life you love, then email me at admin@sallyholden.com.au to apply for 1:1 VIP Coaching, I’ve got two places available for a limited time. xxx

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