What season are you in?

Knowing what season we are personally in, is so important for our own well-being.

Of course, we have our standard weather seasons, that happen on a yearly basis, but there are also different seasons for our life cycles and changes we may be experiencing.

Nature can teach us so much about cycles and be in harmony with them.

Imagine it’s the middle of winter and we decided to plant a crop, or worse, try to harvest…..

That’s not going to be very successful and it will create a lot of hardship.

When we don’t understand this, we can end up pushing really hard, with little to no results, or ending up completely burning ourself out.

We can even have seasons on a global level. Covid brought through the season of Winter for many, it was a time of hibernation, deep reflection, inner work, and rest. I truly believe on a global level we are still in Winter and on a financial economic level, we are in the last days of Autumn, and heading into Winter.

I recognised this in myself recently, as I noticed one of my beautiful friends, who is such an inspiration to me, truly creating such incredible success and momentum in her life. I’m so excited for her and for a moment, I almost put my accelerator back down again to create massive active momentum in my business again, before remembering the season I’m in and how important it is for me at this point, this chapter, this season of my life in becoming a Nanni and truly wanting to have the time available to be there to support my daughter and her beautiful little boy.

This is also the reason why I love passive income, as it creates so much time leverage to honour the season we are in, but without dropping into fear, scarcity, exhaustion, or feeling that we constantly need to be planting seeds. (This would be like living in Autumn all year round!)

Recognising and knowing what you the most value and really tuning into your own alignment and divine timing (feeling an internal impulse of when to take aligned action) will mean, when it is time to take action, that action will create incredible rewards.

If you would love to find out more about passive income, I’m dropping an incredible training in the next week or so in my Empowered Women, Empowered Wealth Facebook Group!

Not only does this allow me to leverage my time and the season I am in, but also, still follow my heart’s guidance and share some powerful tips and tools at a time when if you haven’t already prepared financially for the coming winter, you will absolutely want to be doing so.

To gain access to this incredible training when I go live, click the button below to join the group today or email me at admin@sallyholden.com.au for further information.

Get access here!

Love and Blessings,

Sal x

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