What to do, if it’s hard to feel joy.

If you’ve ever found it difficult to feel joy or to do what brings you joy, then you’ll love this simple tip.

Move towards that which brings you relief.

Raising our vibration and emotional state to a feeling of gratitude and joy can feel really difficult especially when we are going through a really challenging time, or experiencing deep grief.

I remember a few years ago, one of my beautiful friends said to me, “You just need to do what brings you joy!”

And whilst I agreed with her, the trouble was, that all the things that previously had brought me joy, no longer did that. I was still recovering from massive burnout and adjusting to a massive life change and processing grief.

When we are in a lower emotional/vibrational state, trying to feel joy or gratitude can feel like we are standing at the bottom of a mountain, trying to leap to the top of it to see the beautiful view.

We are trying to jump or leap too far.

When we look for things that bring us a feeling of relief, it’s like gently meandering up the path, enjoying the views and journey along the way.

It feels calming, it feels stabilising, it feels like relief and it moves us closer and closer toward a genuine feeling of joy, delight, and happiness again.

I find the feeling of relief, feels like releasing resistance. It’s the difference between being in the struggle of fighting to swim upstream, rather than just relaxing and floating downstream.

A few ideas that I’ve found bring a feeling of relief can be:

  1. Taking things a bit slower
  2. Not needing to rush as much
  3. Taking as much off my plate as possible
  4. A gentle walk in nature
  5. Snuggling up in a soft blanket with a good book
  6. A cup of tea, with the sun shining on my face
  7. A beautiful conversation with a dear friend,
  8. Watching a wonderful uplifting movie,
  9. Asking for support and help with something,
  10. Allowing myself more space to just be,
  11. Sitting by the ocean, or listening to waves or rain on the roof
  12. Doing something creative like playing the piano or drawing,
  13. Singing or dancing to a favourite song,
  14. Enjoying a wonderful bath
  15. Ticking some things off my list
  16. Decluttering rubbish or fixing something that’s been bothering me

Finding emotional alignment and a feeling of relief within yourself, not only will immediately lower your stress levels and radically improve your energy and overall health, but it brings so much more.

Life will feel easier, you will have better relationships, you will feel calmer each day and life will start to show you that things are starting to change.

Life is always offering us an equal match of experiences for the emotional/vibrational state we are in. Therefore it’s one of our superpowers as humans to do our best to find ways to feel better and to bring ourselves back into a place of alignment, with

gentleness and ease.

What are one or two things that would bring a feeling of relief for you today?

Love and Blessings,

Sal xxx


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