What we want is Freedom, What we need is Radical Self-Responsibility.

What we want is FREEDOM, what we need is RADICAL SELF-RESPONSIBILITY….

The irony?

The more SELF-RESPONSIBILITY you take for all areas of your life, the more FREEDOM you get to experience.

This is true in every single area of life…..

The more ownership and responsibility we take for our life, and for what we are experiencing in it, and take full responsibility to change it if we desire that, the more freedom we get to experience in our life.

The more responsibility we take for what we put in our mouth, how we move our body, and what we think, feel and believe, all impact our health, and will ultimately give you the FREEDOM of good health.

The more responsibility we take in what we create income-wise, in how we choose to spend our money, and in what we choose to invest in, then ultimately we end up with more FREEDOM of wealth.

The more responsibility we take for our own happiness in relationships with others, communicate our needs directly, set healthy boundaries, and heal our wounding and healing dynamics and patterns that are no longer serving us, the more FREEDOM we get to experience in relationships.

You are your own solution to more FREEDOM in your life.

An epic question that I love to ask myself regularly is:

“If I were already taking FULL responsibility for my _________ (health, wealth, relationships, wellbeing, happiness, life) then I would?

All the answers you ever need are inside of you.

With Love and Blessings,

Sal x

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