What’s your ability to be able to receive?

What’s your ability to be able to receive? Do you block yourself from allowing your own natural good to flow to you easily and well?

Do you get antsy and want to micro-manage and control everything in your world?

I get it, I’m the same at times, sometimes it seems too much, it seems too good.

And my ego/survival mind kicks in.

Do you ever turn away from someone looking at you with so much love in their eyes, that you have to avert your own eyes in order to avoid their loving gaze? Do you ever just have to keep buying the coffees, because it’s hard to accept someone buying one for you?

Do you ever let compliments and the beautiful things that people say to you actually sink in and absorb them, or do you deflect them, or just say it’s nothing and give others the credit again?

Have you ever sabotaged yourself after having a small or large win with money? And find yourself spending money like crazy on either a problem that’s just happened, like a blown hot water system, or over spending on others, wanting to give them everything, but still not allowing yourself some basic pleasures, or allowing yourself to spend money on you?

These are all the ways that we inhibit ourself from receiving.

I truly believe we’ve been so conditioned as a society that it’s bad to receive, it’s bad to do “too well”, it’s bad to be “too beautiful”, “too rich”, “too happy”, “too successful”, too much of anything.

So we shut that stuff down, we make it wrong and bad and unconsciously push it away, only to later on resent others for having it.

What is your past conditioning?

What were you told over and over again as a child, about money? About men? About women? About working? About relationships? About health? About yourself?

We can never outperform our Self Image.

So if you have a self-image that says you are not worthy of these things, you will do every thing you can (often unconsciously) to push away the very things that you may be working towards.

This is beyond frustrating and often creates an incredible yo-yo effect, or the feeling that we are just working so hard to create changes in our life, yet nothing is happening, or when it does happen, it’s as if in a week or two, we “snap” back into our old life.

We must continually “upgrade” the way we see ourselves and the visualisations that we see in our mind about who and what we think we are.

I know years ago, when I believed that being a single Mum was super tough and that life was hard, and I didn’t see myself worthy of anything greater that the life that I was experiencing back then, that I couldn’t help but create and attract those same circumstances again and again.

If we continually see ourselves as overweight, poor, or lonely in our minds eye, I can promise you, that is the Self-Image that we have created for ourselves and no matter how much action you are attempting to take externally, that self-image, will always bring us back ultimately, to living in a state of congruency with that image.

Changing our self-image and the way we see ourselves is paramount to how we get to experience life and how much we allow ourselves to receive and how good we permit our life to become.

We are constantly creating, and yet our survival/ego mind, constantly wants to protect us.

It is desperate to fit in, desperate to belong, desperate to be accepted and will do whatever it can, to make sure that happens.

This is why your peer group and who you allow to influence your thoughts is so super important.

If you receive negative feedback from your environment, (ie. The people around you) that having more money is greedy, or that they seem jealous because you’ve lost weight, then I can promise you, that stuff will have an impact on your results moving forward.

We must carefully consider those that we choose to spend time with, those that we allow to influence us with their own beliefs and ideas.

We must become conscious of our environment and the effect that it is having upon us, and choose to change it, if it is no longer supportive of your goals, your dreams and who you wish to become in the process.

Embracing my truest nature, is some of the hardest work I’ve ever done. Releasing and letting go of my fears is a continual work in progress, and I feel sometimes I’m nailing it and sometimes I fall flat on my face as my survival/ego mind just desperately wants to feel safe.

It takes continual courage.

It takes continual questioning of our personal values and beliefs.

It takes continual thinking independently of those influences around us and deciding if things are life affirming and supportive of the path that we choose to be on.

It takes continual effort, of breaking the patterns of past behaviours, through self-awareness and releasing limiting beliefs.

It takes continual effort of getting clear, asking ourself the tough questions and making changes where and when needed.

It is not work for the faint of heart.

It is not work for the lazy, or those that value certainty and security more than their personal growth.

It is not work for those that want to bury their head in the sand and blame life circumstances if life is not currently the way they wish it to be.

Neither is right or wrong in anyway,

We can all live how we choose to,

And your current results will let you know where your thinking is at,

And I can promise, if you are willing,

If you are ready,

If you are open to receiving miracles and living an incredibly amazing life,

That life is ready to help you,

Life will open you up in a way that you will be in wonderment and amazement at the beauty that touches your heart.

Love and life will lead you back to your most truest and authentic self,

And life will blow you away with it’s intricate weaving of magnificence.

With Love and Blessings,

Always in All Ways,

Sal xox

P.S. If you are ready to dive deep into creating a life that you truly love and learning how to manifest incredible things into your life, then PM me now Gorgeous.

This is the work I’m truly passionate about, this has seriously changed my life on every level, from money, to relationships, confidence, body, health and creating a life that I envisaged for myself, over 10 years ago, that continues to evolve into a laptop lifestyle traveling with my loved ones and continuing to increase my six figure income every year. Xox

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