When BIG things happen in life!

It is inevitable that through the experience of life, we will all experience a BIG curve ball at some stage or even a few at one time….

I truly believe that life is ALWAYS happening for us….

It may be so hard to see in the moment of the situation, but always, every time I’ve reflected on my life experiences, I know that I am having the EXACT experience I need, in order to have the soul growth and evolution that I was meant to have, to become WHO I really am…..

Recently I experienced two experiences, literally within 10 mins of each other, of receiving some big news in my life.

Yet it can really unravel us at the time, especially when we weren’t prepared for it, or we know it will be life-changing in some way, shape, or form.

Here are a couple of tips on how I process and work through situations when we experience a big life-changing experience.

  1. Feel…… Allow yourself to feel all the feels, sometimes it can be hard to do right at the moment, but as soon as you can, give yourself the grace and the space to be with what you are experiencing.

Even with really good things that are happening in our lives, when it’s a radical change or something unexpected, we can still have big emotions and many mixed emotions and this can impact our nervous system.

By being present with your emotions fully, you can allow your nervous system to process all it needs to, to be able to come back down naturally and to be in a regulated state, out of the fight/flight response. (Yes you can still go into a fight/flight response in positive situations, especially when it’s a big change.)

If you don’t give yourself to process your nervous system response, we can get locked into the fight/flight response for days/weeks, and or months on end. (Not good for our health or wellbeing.)

  1. Take care of your physical needs. Often in a big life experience, we don’t feel like eating, or we may emotionally overeat as a way of trying to suppress what we are feeling. We may have trouble sleeping, as we are stressing about what’s happening, or trying to control it.

By taking care of your basic physical needs, you are bringing your body back into equilibrium and balance. Our nervous system needs to know that we are physically safe, in order to be able to regulate effectively and not be locked into the fight/flight state.

By resting adequately and eating regularly with good quality nutrition, you are helping your body know that it is safe. This brings about greater clarity of mind, which is important in Step 3.

  1. Create a New Vision. When we receive life-changing news often we can go into a lot of stress and fear of the unknown and can end up feeling powerless to the situation at hand. In order to counteract this stress, we have to REDEFINE our vision and what we are CHOOSING TO CREATE going forward. Deliberately and consciously.

This supports us to take aligned action, it also grounds us into the present moment, and provides hope and emotional fuel for the journey ahead, especially with big challenges.

Being clear on what you DO WANT, rather than fearing what you DON’T WANT, is the key to creating a joyful life moving forward, being clear in what you are moving towards.

Whatever we focus on grows, so be very deliberate and conscious with which direction you are choosing to focus on with your thoughts. Sometimes this is a moment-to-moment awareness and choice, not just a once-off thought.

  1. Take guided and aligned action daily towards your new reality and vision. This puts a big fire in our belly when we are operating from a CLEAR VISION and feel a deep PURPOSE and DIRECTION in our life. It brings back a sense of being in control and feeling confident and secure within ourself, rather than feeling powerless about what’s happened.

These 4 things can radically make such a difference in your life, especially during times of great change.

Powerlessness is the BIGGEST cause of ADRENAL FATIGUE and BURNOUT.

This is why getting clear on our own vision of what we do want and

taking daily aligned action on this is one of the most important factors to healing our body and creating a life we love.

Would love to hear what you find support when going through big life events.

With Love and Blessings,

Sal x


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With love, Sal x

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