When does fatigue actually become burnout…

How to identify if you are experiencing burnout if you are self-employed or leading a large team.

  1. You are normally a positive person, and you now find it increasingly difficult to feel happy, to feel joy. You are finding yourself being more negative towards yourself and others and find you are being more reactive and impatient than normal, you find yourself overthinking and overanalyzing many situations and your inner critic is extremely loud.
  2. You are normally self-motivated and self-driven, who has no problem taking action and getting things done. Now you are finding yourself procrastinating regularly, you are noticing that you have to really push yourself to get anything done, and everyday tasks that you used to handle easily now seem overwhelming and exhausting.
  3. You normally are very social and tend to be the go-to person for your family and friends, now you are finding yourself wanting to withdraw from everyone and everything more and more and just finding yourself wanting space and time for yourself.
  4. Your sleep patterns have changed, you are now waking up between 1-3 am in the morning regularly and finding it increasingly difficult to quieten your mind, to get back to sleep.
  5. You are finding yourself increasingly teary and or angry/resentful and feeling unappreciated for all the extra things you do. You feel you have lost the capacity for the amount you can manage these days.
  6. You find it difficult to say no to others, you have trouble setting your own boundaries, and often put others’ needs above your own, regardless of how tired and exhausted you are.
  7. You are feeling more and more numb emotionally, feeling almost robotic as you move throughout your day and feel that you are just ticking off a list, it feels that life has lost meaning and purpose, you are just moving through the motions.
  8. Working out and physical exercise depletes you instead of energizing you like it normally would.

Understanding these key symptoms is so important to recognize.

So many women I speak with are misdiagnosed with anxiety and depression when the underlying root cause is actually burnout and unhealed trauma.

Going on medication is only a short-term bandaid, that continues to perpetuate the cycle without ever really healing it.

If you recognize the symptoms above, getting expert support to understand the root cause of your burnout is a vital step to regaining your ENERGY and your HEALTH back.

Many women believe it’s just their job, or their relationship that they need to change, without realizing that the underlying patterns that created the issue in the first place remain unhealed and we take ourselves with us, when we leave those situations, only to repeat those same patterns again.

Healing burnout means loving your life again!

Healing burnout means feeling more present with your loved ones and family and actually wanting to socialize again.

Healing burnout means joy, happiness, and freedom in yourself.

Healing burnout means setting healthy boundaries and valuing your own needs as much as others.

Healing burnout means leading your team more effectively.

Healing burnout means greater results with less effort because you are no longer pushing and striving so much out of fear.

Healing burnout means waking up feeling excited and enthusiastic about your day again.

Healing burnout means getting your energy, your well-being, and your zest for life back!

If you would love to understand what is the real root cause of your burnout, I can help you with that in just 15 mins and for free!

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