When I do the inner work, the results come

When I do the inner work, the results come.

Clearing up and cleaning up our own distorted and limiting beliefs is one of the most important gifts that we can give ourself.

Without doing that daily, I definitely end up in massive push, struggle and effort energy, feeling totally resistant to doing what I’m wanting to do and feeling exhausted.

For me it feels like trying to drive up hill, with the brakes on, in reverse, it doesn’t work so well for me and always results in my physical body feeling tired.

Doing the inner work, creates flow, it lines us up with the best that life has to offer, and new synchronistic opportunities tend to flow in powerful and wonderful ways.

It’s what I call, getting out of our own way.

Our ego/survival mind loves certainty and control, so it tends to want to micro manage, every tiny detail.

It wants to enforce that I can get it done, I just have to work hard enough to do it.

Now whilst I am an avid believer of taking massive action, to bring great results in our life, it’s all about doing the RIGHT type of action, whilst being in the Zone and Flow state.

This is what creates incredible results, fast and almost appears magical.

Just as Tony Robbins states, when you are not in a flow state, it’s like trying to run east, looking for a sunset and expecting to find it. It makes it a tough gig, and can end up in feelings of total frustration, not to mention burn out, fatigue and exhaustion.

Not getting the results that you want in certain areas, will be the result of inner conflicts, or current beliefs that aren’t supporting you.

If you want to make more money, but you are already exhausted and tired, but you believe that you have to work even harder to make more money, I can promise you that will be an inner conflict. As your ego/survival mind’s greatest job is to protect you and keep you safe, and if knows that you are already burnt out, it will be doing its best to stop you from working harder. Which only creates more resistance and more fatigue.

If you feel conflicted between work, kids and your partner, then of course you are going to be feeling pulled in all sorts of directions and again, it’s like trying to move forward with someone pulling on each arm and each leg in different directions.

It’s so tough to be living in this space.

Alignment to your truest self is amazing. It’s when you can line up and meet several goals or outcomes, through the one action, it’s where everything you do, compounds the positive affects and therefore results in every area.

Taking care of my health, helps me to feel super congruent with my truest self, being the best Mum I can be, gives me the energy to be a great coach, and to show up in my life, the way that I am wanting to as a partner.

Having an incredible and supportive relationship, acts life a safety net, when I am growing and stretching and going for big goals in other areas of my life.

Having a super wonderful business, that supports me with time flexibility, being able to work from anywhere and provides a fabulous income, supports me to be a wonderful Mum.

All of these things integrated, help me to feel that I’m living in total integrity with who I choose to be and how I wish to live.

But it wasn’t always this way.

When I used to work, I used to feel guilty and conflicted, that I wasn’t being more present as a Mum and as a partner.

When I’d take time out for my health, I used to think I was wasting time and that I should have been working instead.

When I was spending time with my partner, I used to feel bad for not doing the other things I believed I should have been doing to take care of things around the house.

So many conflicts, so much confusing, stagnancy and feeling exhausted.

Every day I do the inner work.

Every day I journal.

Every day I clear up any little emotional upsets, or things that have happened, that could take me off course.

Every day I take in the feedback from the universe of where I need to shift and grow the most.

And this puts me into a state of congruent flow.

A place where life feels delicious and amazing.

A state that I feel invincible and super confident that I’m taking action on what matters to me most.

A state that I feel truly incredible and powerful.

It’s so worth doing the inner work, it allows us to be supported in ways that seem unfathomable to the logical mind.

It’s when amazing opportunities present,

It’s when we appear to be “lucky”

Life becomes magical.

If you are exhausted, it’s so time for you gorgeous.

If you are done with feeling like you are pushing uphill and you are done with the struggle,

Then it’s time to release that,

It’s time to get into flow.

It’s time to love into you, in a way you’ve never done before,

It’s time to recognise your true power and to bring through your creative feminine energy,

It’s time to step into full alignment.

I’ll be sharing all this and more at my next Manifesting Retreat!!!

I’m so excited, if this resonates with you, comment YES below,

And I’ll be sure to send you all the details as soon as I have them to hand,

It’s all still being downloaded at the moment,

And I know that when this is released, this will sell out quickly.

With Love and Blessings,

Always in All Ways,

Sal xox

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